Private Skin Specialist & Trichologist in London

Our team at Broadgate GP work closely with one of the leading skin specialists and trichologists in London. CM Hair Loss & Skin Specialist is operated by Cheryl Mackie who is a trained professional who has undertaken an advanced microscopy course. She prides herself on being a Member of the BRCP and Member of the Institute of Biosthetique. Cheryl offers a range of treatments and services to clients throughout London and the surrounding areas including:

  • Male Hair Loss
  • Female Hair Loss
  • Skin Consultations
  • Microscopy
  • Trichology Treatments

Should you be suffering a problem with your skin of hair then be sure to book an appointment with Broadgate GP and we can diagnose you and refer you to CM Hair Loss & Skin Specialist. Alternatively you can call them directly on 01206 621 728.

Cheryl - Trichologist London

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Cheryl Mackie – Trained Trichologist & Skin Specialist

Cheryl Mackie initially trained as a hairdresser and quickly specialised in hair reconstruction techniques for damaged and inadequately conditioned hair. Cheryl then trained with Société Française de Biosthetiques. There she learned new trichology techniques and developed her understanding of natural treatments for hair loss, thinning hair, scalp conditions and skin care.

This knowledge and understanding has allowed her to develop a blend of bespoke lotions to help with various skin, scalp and hair conditions. As one of only 10 practitioners in the UK using Microscopy, Cheryl has quickly become one of the leading trichologists in London and the surrounding areas. Microscopy can reveal essential information about the structure and condition of the hair and it can show any deficiencies that might be caused by a lack of minerals.

Hair Loss Specialist London

Hair loss is something that many people suffer from in London and is a much more common condition than people might think. People can suffer from hair loss for a number of reasons such as stress, illness, poor nutrition, hormonal fluctuations and even genetic dispositions.

As one of the leading trichologists in London, CM Hair Loss & Skin Specialist can find the problem that’s causing you to suffer from weakened roots. Weakened roots will cause your hair to shed prematurely or start to thin. We always recommend to stay away from over the counter treatments as the more dependent you become on them the less effect they’ll have.

Using a range of professional and natural trichology treatments, your hairs natural growth cycle can return. Cheryl will work with you to find the cause of the problem and the lifestyle choices that might be causing hair loss to happen. Combining changes in your lifestyle with a range of trichology treatments can help your hair to thicken and grow back.

Benefits of Trichology & Hair Loss Treatments

  • Increased Hair Cell Growth – Energy levels in the hair forming cells will be increased
  • Hair Regrowth – Your hairs active regrowth phase is positively influenced
  • More Nutrients – Hair roots will see an increased biological availability in their primary nutrients
  • Reduced Amount of Dead Hair – Scientifically proven to reduce the ratio of dead hair to actively growing hair
  • Compensates for Internal & External Irregularities – The hair loss range will compensate for a number of internal and external irregularities that might cause hair loss

The Biosthetique Approach

Research carried out the academics at the school of medicine at Queen Mary University of London published a journal that linked pollution as a leading contributing factor to hair loss. They found that toxins in polluted hair can block proteins that encourage hair growth. Researching hair loss and thinning further Cheryl and a colleague realised that toxins from other sources such as alcohol, food and a number of other factors can also interfere with the hair growth process. Spending two years on development they came up with a range of natural trichology treatments and products that can be used to detoxify the scalp. This lead to what is now known as the Biosthetique Approach.

Skin and Trichology Treatment London

Using the latest and some of the most advanced natural skin and trichology treatments, Cheryl can help improve the condition of both the skin and hair. With many years working in the trichology industry, Cheryl has developed all the skills and knowledge needed to ensure that the appropriate skin and hair growth treatment is provided.

Cheryl uses a range of assessments to help understand what might be causing your hair loss whether it be a problem with the skin or the hair itself. Using complimentary healing approaches based on natural ingredients, the condition of your skin and hair can greatly improve. Cheryl is always happy to answer any questions about the skin and trichology treatments she offers.

Benefits of Skin Treatments

  • Skins natural balance is restored
  • More relaxed skin
  • Reduced skin irritation and visibility of irritation
  • Strengthened skin cells
  • More radiant and smoother look

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Trichologist London – CM Hair Loss & Skin Specialist

If you’re looking for a trichologist in London, then be sure to make CM Hair Loss & Skin Specialist your first port of call. We can refer you to see Cheryl after a GP appointment with us or you can book an appointment directly with CM Hair Loss & Skin Specialist. Using a range of natural treatments, Cheryl can help improve the condition of your skin and promote hair regrowth. Trichology is one of the most effective and natural ways to help with skin and hair conditions.

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