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Here at Broadgate GP, we offer private blood tests in London. All of our patients receive their blood results within a fast turnaround period. Many people in the London area seek to have a blood tests carried out for any number of reasons such as feeling fatigued regularly or because of a recommendation from a medical professional.

A simple blood test can put your mind at ease and can isolate the cause of why you’ve been feeling unwell. With our fast blood tests, you won’t need to wait for a result, you’ll have them as soon as we do. Our blood test centre in London is manned by trained medical professionals who’ll guide you through the test and will explain what happens next.

The blood testing service we offer is fast, private and available to all people throughout London. We can test for a number of medical conditions and the doctor will guide you through the blood test results. When it comes to needing a blood test in London, be sure to book an appointment or visit our walk-in blood test clinic.

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Blood Testing Explained

Whilst blood testing is common, many people don’t fully understand what’s involved or why they are carried out in the first place. When you need your bloods testing in London, our team at Broadgate GP will do their best to put your mind at ease.

They’ll guide you through the test explaining what’s involved, the types of test, what is being tested for and then they’ll explain the results to you. With the ability to book an appointment or visit our walk-in centre it’s never been easier to get a fast blood test in London.

What Can Blood Tests Detect?

Testing blood is one of the most used medical testing procedures throughout London and the UK. Many people ask “what does a blood test show?” because they don’t fully understand what they are used for. Some of the most common things blood tests are used for include:

  • To determine your general health
  • Diagnose conditions and diseases such as HIV, Cancer and Diabetes
  • Analyse organs and organ functionality such as the heart, kidney and liver
  • To detect risk factors relating to heart disease
  • Pregnancy
  • Test for genetic conditions
  • To test for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Check for infections

These are just a few of the most common things that testing of the blood is used for. It’s entirely down to your doctor why they might send you to have a blood test. At Broadgate GP, we offer a range of private services covering blood testing service in London.

Types of Blood Test

Blood tests aren’t just designed to check for everything, there are several different types of blood tests which are used to check for specific conditions. We offer a number of different types of blood test some of which are:

  • Blood Cholesterol Test
  • Blood Gases Test
  • Blood Typing
  • Blood Glucose Tests
  • Electrolyte Test
  • Full Blood Count (FBC)
  • Coagulation Tests

As one of the leading blood testing centres in London, we offer a comprehensive testing service covering all types of blood tests. Testing blood is one of the most effective ways to detect disease, infections and other medical conditions.

What Happens During A Blood Test?

When you have a blood test carried out at Broadgate GP, the test will usually involve taking a sample of blood from inside the elbow or wrist. A tourniquet is typically applied to the upperpart of the arm before the needle is inserted to help the veins to swell. Most people typically feel a small nip or scratch when the needle pierces the skin; this is normal and nothing to be worried about. Many people have a phobia about needles, all you need to do is explain this to the doctor and they’ll do their best to put your mind at ease.

Blood Test Results

After you’ve had a blood test carried out at Broadgate GP, you’ll need to wait for your results. One of the most commonly asked and searched for questions is “how long for blood test results?”. With our private blood tests, you’ll get fast blood results that will put your mind at ease and give you the answers you need. Once your results are back a doctor will discuss them with you and any findings that might have been highlighted. From these blood results they’ll be able to discuss with you any treatments that might be needed or what the next steps are to take.

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Fast Blood Tests and Results in London

When you choose Broadgate GP to for our private blood test service, you’ll have fast access to both an appointment and your results. As one of the only blood clinics in London, that offer same day appointments for blood tests, there’s no reason not to choose Broadgate GP. For a private blood test in London, be sure to contact us for an appointment or visit our walk-in clinic.

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