Choosing to have safer sex means that you are protecting your partner and yourself from the risk of STIs. A lot of people would assume that this would ruin your sex life, but this is not the case. In many cases, safer sex and improve sex and it reduces any risk of sexual transmitted infections or diseases too. Below you will see our guide on how to practice safe sex. This information will be beneficial for both you and your partner, as well as helping you to stay healthy.

Simple Tips for Safer Sex

The first step to introducing safer sex within your relationship is accepting it. A lot of people may put off the idea of practicing safer sex due to it dampening the ‘mood’ but this is not the case. Choosing safe sex can be done by making the right choices. Starting with honesty, be open and honest to your partner about your previous sexual partners. The rest will follow with simple changes to make sex safer, healthier and better for both you and your partner. Our simple tips for safe sex are featured below.

  1. Use condoms or dams – always have your own supply
  2. Discuss limits and boundaries around safe sex in advance
  3. Avoid using drugs or alcohol as they can affect your judgement
  4. Make safe sex part of sex in oppose to it being an interruption
  5. Choose partners who you feel comfortable with and share responsibility
  6. Honesty – be truthful if you think you have an STI or have had one in the past

Don’t feel bad about having the conversation with your partner about safer sex. A lot of us are lead to believe that sex is a comment that we shouldn’t talk about openly. But this isn’t true, the more open and comfortable you are about talking about sex, the better.

Protecting Against An STD

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Your Partner

Simple questions exchanged between you and your partner are almost necessary prior to starting a sexual relationship. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner these questions as they will show if there any immediate concerns related to sexual health.

  • Have you had sex before?
  • If so, have you ever had unprotected sex?
  • Have you ever had an STI? – or current symptoms of STIs
  • Have you ever shared drug paraphernalia?

Before having sex for the first time with your partner, it might be valuable to discuss 1. Boundaries, 2. Expectations and 3. Knowledge of STIs. Be aware that your partner may not be aware they have an STI as they may not have any symptoms. If you’re worried about you or your partner having an STI, come to Broadgate General Practice for a private, confidential STI test. Our clinic in London is clean, discreet and welcoming. Don’t wait around or put a STI test off, as sooner the better is best.

If I Have an STI, How Can I Have Safe Sex?

If you already have an STI, knowing how to have safe sex is really important. By knowing the best ways to have safer sex, you will avoid passing it on to current or future partners. Of course, the first thing to do is to be treated for your STI, then avoid having sex throughout your treatment. Many STIs and be easily cured with the right medication. Once you have finished your treatment, you don’t need to worry about passing your STI on.

However, there are some STIs that can’t be cured, but there are still ways to treat your symptoms. Depending upon which STI you have, there are a number of ways to protect your partner and yourself during sex. Immediate treatment from a practice such as Broadgate General Practice is the first step to take. Below are a list of different ways you can avoid any future STIs or passing on STIs.

  • Come to Broadgate General Practice so we can treat your STI ASAP
  • Use condoms and dental dams during oral, andal and vaginal sex
  • If you have STI symptoms, don’t have sex
  • Take your medication/receive treatment immediately
  • Speak with your doctor or GP – they will give you all the advice you need

Contact Broadgate General Practice

If you’re worried that you or your partner may have an STI or require treatment, come to Broadgate General Practice. Our clinic is based in London and is here to help with any enquiries you have regarding sexual health. Contact our walk-in clinic today for a confidential, discreet appointment with one of our experienced doctors. To book your appointment or speak to a professional prior to your consultation please contact Broadgate General Practice today on 020 7638 4330.