Flu Vaccinations – Autumn Cold

While it’s hard to believe that summer was ever really here this year, it is now drawing to a close, but are you ready for autumn and the cold, wet weather that is around the corner?

It will soon be time to dig out the jumpers and turn the heating back on as we try our best to stay warm through the months ahead. However, preparing for autumn goes further than treating yourself to a nice new overcoat and putting the garden furniture away.

Autumn also heralds the return of colds and flu. If you are at risk from the health complications that can be caused by flu, then it is important that you remember to have your flu vaccination before all those coughs and sneezes start spreading diseases.

There are still no known cures for cold or flu, so making sure you are vaccinated is your best defence against contracting the flu virus.

There are many little steps you can take to lessen your chances of getting a cold or flu too. These include making sure you get plenty of exercise, eat a healthy balanced diet and avoid drinking too much alcohol.

Alcohol will dehydrate your body and it also puts a lot of strain on your liver, which means it has less time to eliminate other toxins from your body.

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables will make sure you’re getting your vitamins and aerobic exercise boosts your immune system and helps your body to fight off those bugs.

Avoiding stress and taking time out to relax can also help you to fight infection, as can quitting smoking, drinking more water and getting plenty of fresh air.

Make sure you wash your hands frequently too – this will stop you picking up other people’s viruses from phones, door handles and even the rail you hold onto on the bus in the morning.

Making these small changes to your lifestyle can help you to keep the viruses at bay and when combined with a flu vaccination they should stop you falling ill this autumn.

Broadgate General Practice offers flu vaccinations for just £15. For more information, call one of our friendly staff today on 020 7638 4330 or visit Broadgate GP.