Prevent The Spread of STDs

Preventing the spread of an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) is something that all sexually active individuals should be aware of, and if you are infected, this should be your top priority. However, the knowledge in itself is of course no use of course unless it is translated into sexually responsible behaviour.

Preventing the spread of an STD by using condoms

Nearly half a million people here in the UK are diagnosed with an STD every year. This number is conservative because many people have STDs but are blissfully unaware, as they often do not present any symptoms. This only exacerbates the problem of course, and an STD infection can still be passed on by carrier who is symptom free and therefore does not know that he/she is infected.

Preventing the spread of an STD, even when you don’t think you carry an infection means ensuring that you and/or your partner wears a condom during any sort of sexual activity, including, anal, oral and vaginal.

This makes sense anyway, especially if you are having sex with someone you don’t know that well. If you are not infected yet – you might well soon be!

Condoms are only a part of the solution

Condoms go a long way towards preventing the spread of an STD, but as your doctor will tell you, if you do carry an infection, you should refrain from taking part in any sexual activity until the infection is cleared-up.

Bearing in mind that in many instanced an STD can be symptomless, the only way of making sure, if you are in any doubt whatsoever, is to get yourself checked out. Establishing the facts so you can take appropriate action is the best way of preventing the spread on an STD.

Using the sexual health clinic at Broadgate Clinic London Wall removes any embarrassment

Some people find the prospects of being tested for an STD a daunting thought. There is a stigma attached to visiting sexual health and GUM clinics, and people are often embarrassed to talk to their own family GP.

The sexual heath clinic at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall

If you live and /or work in London, you can make use of the walk-in sexual health clinic that we operate here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall, where STD screening is a fast, simple, and totally confidential procedure.

Why not call in at your next convenient opportunity, or if you prefer, call ahead to 020 7638 4330 and book an appointment?