Being diagnosed with any type of condition can be stressful or worrying. Fully understanding your diagnosis and the treatment that’s available is important so you can make more informed decisions about things that might affect your overall health. To ensure you fully understand your condition or how a change to your lifestyle might affect your health it’s important to ensure you ask your GP the right questions. Most appointments generally last about 10-20 minutes. Asking the right sort of questions will ensure you get the answers that your require.

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Questions to Ask About Health Conditions

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with an illness or long term medical condition, we’ll discuss with you the issue in full. Going through thing such as symptoms, lifestyle changes and many other things. The doctor will ensure you’re fully informed about your health condition.

This is an important question to ask, as it help to ease any worry you might be suffering from. We’ll ensure you fully understand why this have developed and the next steps you need to take.

Some conditions can lead to other problems occurring. You’ll be made fully aware of any other problems that are at risk of occurring and how you can prevent or at least delay them.

All health conditions will have their own symptoms. Some might be more severe that others and should they occur the doctor might be able to provide medication to help alleviate them.

Not all conditions are hereditary. If you do happen to develop a condition that is hereditary, then the doctor will inform you of this. This then allows you to inform any children meaning they have a better chance of dealing with the condition before it develops.

Questions to Ask About Medical Tests

There are many different types of tests that might be required such as blood tests, cervical screens or scans. All tests are designed to get to the bottom of your health problem as quickly as possible.

Some tests can pose health risks but most are usually minor. The doctor will advise you of any health risks posed before any test is carried out.

Most results come back within 1-3 days, however some tests results can take upto a week to come back.

The best test is always advised first. However, if you’re concerned about the risks of a particular test then an alternative testing method might be available.

Your doctor will advise you of any preparations you need to undertake before a test.

Questions to Ask About Treatments

When you’re diagnosed with a medical condition the doctor will guide you through the range of treatment options available to you.

Some medications do have side effects. Although most are only minor and temporary. The doctor will go through any side effects with you and will advise on when to seek help with side effects or prescribe medication to help deal with them.

Not all treatments will cure your condition. However, using a range of different treatments and medications will help to treat your condition or will at least keep the condition at bay.

Yes! Sadly, as with any health problem or disease there is the chance of the problem coming back. Undergoing regular health checks, living a healthy lifestyle and taking medications will help to prevent the condition from coming back.