Pregnancy Test

What To Do When Your Test Is Positive

If you have taken a pregnancy test and it’s came back with 2 lines, ‘pregnant’ or a smiley face, this means that you’re positive and are most likely to be pregnant. Don’t worry, it’s common to feel panicked, especially with first time pregnancies. If like a lot of women, you don’t know what to do next, here’s a handy list of things to do when after you have found out.

Make an Appointment with Your Doctor

Now that you believe that you are pregnant, you will need to make an appointment with your doctor to have it confirmed. Some doctors may wait until you have missed to periods before you have your first appointment whereas others may make one straight away. Regardless of when your appointment is for, be sure to ask any questions regarding current medications, systems or health conditions that you believe could affect your pregnancy. Depending on how far through you are, you also may need to make a follow on appointment with your midwife to discuss the first steps.

Confirm Your Pregnancy

Even some pregnancy tests make mistakes! So if you think you can’t be pregnant or are questioning it, confirm your pregnancy by visiting the doctors. They will tell you straight, and depending on how far along you are, you may even get a scan too.

Celebrate Your Pregnancy

When you feel ready to announce your pregnancy, celebrate it! Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t have fun so enjoy and celebrate your pregnancy. If you’ve not told your partner yet, why not tell them in a special way? Think of something imaginative to surprise them of your news. There isn’t a right or wrong way to tell your partner, so do whatever is best for you or feels right, either way Congratulations!


Learn More About Pregnancy

If you want to learn more about pregnancy, start off by downloading a pregnancy calendar. This will show you what you should expect week by week. You can even read online to find out more, or join early pregnancy classes where you can share and learn information from other pregnant women.

Take Care of Yourself

The most important thing to remember when you’re pregnant is to take care of yourself. Try to have good night’s sleep eat well, take prenatal vitamins and exercise appropriately. This will encourage a healthy pregnancy, easy labour and more importantly, a healthy baby. By listening to your body’s signals, be it morning sickness or tiredness, will make it easier to copy with the symptoms of pregnancy. Remember, you are carrying another human being, so do what feels natural to you and don’t push yourself too much as you will need energy for your baby too.

Family Planning Specialists

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