One in Five Young People Don’t Know What an STI Is

Survey Reveals Truth About STIs

With the news of a new survey stating that one in five people aged between 18-24 not knowing what an STI is, Broadgate GP have devised a solution to help educate. This survey was carried out by 1,000 youngsters and helped us to understand the knowledge of people of today. The survey in question looked into the sexual behaviours and awareness of people in this age group. Although the results are eye opening for us, it has allowed us to be more aware of what’s happening outside our clinic. So, let’s find out more of what this survey had to say…

One in Five Young People Don’t Know What an STI Is

And The Survey Says

The results from the recent survey revealed that 36% of applicants had never been tested for an STI. Then 20% have admitted that they don’t really understand what an STI is. Our opinion, sex education in schools and colleges is highly important. And by doing so, it will allow more people to become educated when it comes to sexual transmitted diseases.

Of those 36% of people who said they had never had an STI test, 44% of these felt like they didn’t need to be tested as they always use protection. Meanwhile, 20% had admitted to being too embarrassed to get tested. With this, we believe that the concept of getting tested for an STI should be more accepted, and people should be confident to go and get tested. All in all, the survey that was carried out has opened up an insight into youngsters, and clearly shows that a lot of people aged 18-24 either don’t get tested or don’t actually know what an STI is.

One of the most worrying parts of the whole survey was to discover that, the top reason why the respondents said they would get tested was if they had symptoms of an STI. This is despite the fact that most STIs are actually symptomless. So, in a lot of cases people will unknowingly have an STI and won’t be aware that they need to be treated accordingly.

Getting Tested for an STI in London

The idea of youngsters experimenting and pop culture of today almost encouraging short term relationships, is a denting thought to be had. Whilst a lot of people out there may already use the right protection, not everyone will. So, when it comes to getting tested for an STI, remember that many STIs don’t actually show any symptoms. Therefore, getting tested is key before potentially putting a partner at risk. For more information on getting tested for an STI in London, come to Broadgate GP. Our sexual health experts are on hand and are here to arrange an STI test at your earliest convenience. Call Broadgate GP today to book an appointment.