Olympic Fever

Olympic fever is upon us – here are the most common injuries in athletes With Olympics fever in the air, more people than ever are being tempted to take up sport this summer. Whether it’s a jog in the park or a fun game of rounders, we all fancy being more active when the world’s biggest sporting event is on.

However, remember to be cautious because even the best sporting stars are prone to injuries. Us mere mortals are not as fit as the Olympic athletes, so it’s advisable to take extra care not to push ourselves too far and to always warm up before exercising.

Common sports injuries include sprained ankles, tennis elbow, pulled groins and pulled hamstrings. If you suddenly feel pain in the tendons down the back of your leg, then it’s likely you have pulled your hamstring and this injury often occurs when you repeatedly kick your legs during sports such as football.

Even an innocent run can cause an injury if you push yourself too far and you can end up with shin splints if you don’t stretch properly beforehand. If you are feeling pain in the lower part of your leg, this may be the problem and it’s important to get it checked out properly.

Of course, if you injure yourself whilst on holiday in London, it can be tempting to put off seeing a doctor but if you are in pain, you should get your injury looked at as soon as possible.

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