New Website

Our Website Has Been Re-designed

Have you noticed anything different about us? We’ve had a new website and it’s recently gone live. Out with the old and in with the new we say! Having debated about getting a new website for a while now, we struggled to find the right company, design and price range to suit us. We have already heavily invested into our business and have a clear understanding on where we would like to be a year from now. So with the idea of getting a new website for Broadgate GP we put our ideas into practice and started to get the ball rolling.

When it came to our website, we had a clear idea on what we would expect from it. We wanted design that was easy to navigate, emphasis on our ‘same day doctor’ appointments, and call to action throughout the site. We’re always updating our website’s blog section too so that would need to be noticeable from the homepage in order to attract readers to browse other areas of the website. As doctors specialising in general practice, travel vaccines and sexual health, the subjects of website design and SEO were unfamiliar territory, meaning we’d need to enlist in a team of professionals to help get our website where we’d like it to be.

Choosing the Right Web Design Company

We have worked with various marketing companies in our time but never felt a sense of importance in our requirements. In all truth we had started to give up on the idea of online advertising until a web design company in Middlesbrough approached us. The web design company was Espresso Web and offered a range of online services including: web design, SEO, social media marketing and content writing. We didn’t want to throw all of our eggs into one basket so we waited until the company proved themselves to us before we opted for a website redesign. It wasn’t long however until we felt confident in their services, team and ethos that they could help with our marketing.

With Espresso Web being reputable experts in online advertising, they quickly noticed that our website was not performing as well as it could and perhaps wasn’t giving out the right message to our clients. We agreed completely, so with their experience, our ideas and requirements we began to look into getting a new website. From the offset we felt comfortable with their service and we’re happy with where things were going. Before we knew it we had a design to look at! All of our team at Broadgate GP were really impressed with the look of the design, how it navigated and even the team at Espresso Web for their hard work and commitments. So now we’re thankful to say that our website has been redesigned and we are truly happy with the results.

Website Features

Our website has been live for just over a day now and we’re really satisfied with the results of our redesign. The website looks so much better than the previous design and from the first impression when you land on the website it is clear of the services we offer. Some of our most favourite features of our new website include:

  • Same day appointments is well stated
  • Call to action is clear
  • Blogs are an important feature
  • Navigation throughout the site is easy to manage
  • The right message of our service is portrayed

It’s thanks to the team at Espresso Web that we have been able to achieve a new website that we’re happy with. Not only that we’ve been able to form a relationship with this company where we will be working continuously on others areas of our marketing.