Don't Delay A STD Check

Never delay getting an STD check if you suspect you may be carrying an infection. If you live and/or work in London you have no excuse. Whether you go to one of the many GUM clinics, or a walk-in sexual health clinic facility like the one we have here at Broadgate GP Clinic, there are dozens of places where you can get an STD check in London.

Typical symptoms common to most STDs

Whether you merely suspect you may have picked up an STD infection but you are not displaying any symptoms, or you are, never delay getting an STD check. The symptoms that indicate you may have an STD infection are similar from disease to disease. They include:

  • Discomfort when urinating
  • An unusual discharge from the penis or the vagina
  • A rash in the genital area
  • An irritation in the genital area
  • Sores or lumps in the genital area or around the anus

The symptoms can appear singly or you may exhibit several. Either way, never delay getting an STD check.

Why symptomless STDs are so dangerous

In many instances, STDS are symptomless. It doesn’t mean you are not infected. When you have a symptomless STD infection you can still infect others. But worst of all, if left undiagnosed and untreated, an infection can progress.

Progression can lead to severe health and well-being problems, first appearing as long as 10 years after the initial infection. In worst case scenarios, progressed infections can be fatal.

There is even evidence, according to a recent article in the Daily Mail, that some STD are becoming antibacterial resistant.

If you have had unprotected sex, or you have been in intimate, skin-to-skin contact with a new partner who could carry an infection, never delay getting an STD check – get one now.

Never delay getting an STD check – use the sexual health clinic at Broadgate Clinic London Wall

If you want to get an STD check in London at a walk-in private clinic, Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall is highly recommended. We cannot be beaten for discretion and full confidentiality.

You can walk-in off the street at your convenience. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can phone ahead and make a same-day (or later) appointment. To make an appointment call 020 7638 4330.