What is Neurological Physiotherapy?

Neurological physiotherapy is the treatment of individuals who are suffering from neurological impairments such as traumatic brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and many more. Damage to your central nervous system such as the brain or spinal cord means the message from your brain aren’t reaching the affected parts of the body. This means people will suffer from loss of movement, sensation, coordination, weakness and spasms. Neurological physiotherapy will help to kick start the message pathways that your brain is struggling to use and the physio will help to create new pathways through repetitive exercises and actions.

Why Do I Need Neurological Physiotherapists?

Neurological physiotherapists specialise in working with clients who suffer from neurological impairments. Physiotherapists are always learning new skills and techniques to provide the best possible treatments to their patients. If you’re suffering from any type of neurological problem, then it’s always beneficial to see if a neuro physiotherapist can help you.

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Neuro Physiotherapy Objectives

Neuro physiotherapy aims to identify and maximise the potential movement of parts of your body, which overall will improve your quality of life.

A treatment program will be tailored around your specific needs to ensure the most effective treatment plan is created. Some of the things a neurological physiotherapist might help with you are posture, sitting balance and much more.

The aim is to proactively address and prevent long term issues and problems from developing. When progressive neurological conditions are treated, the aim is to provide advice and treatment during each stage to improve the persons overall quality of life.

Many patients will make physical gain improvements such as strengthened muscles and independence.

What Conditions Can Neurological Physiotherapy Help With?

There are a number of short and long term brain and spinal cord conditions that neurological physiotherapy can help with, some of which are:

• Huntingtons Disease
• Stroke
• Muscular Dystrophy
• Cerebral Palsy
• Charcot Marie Tooth
• Other Neurological Conditions…

There are a number of other spinal cord and brain conditions that neurological physiotherapy can help to treat and relieve the symptoms of. For more information on what neuro physiotherapy can help to treat please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Broadgate GP.

What Does A Neuro Physio Assessment Involve?

Depending on the symptoms you might be suffering from, your assessment with involve a neurological physiotherapist looking a number of the following this to see how they can help to treat you.

• Posture and Balance
• Muscle Power
• Altered Sensations
• Co-Ordination
• Joint Stiffness

The neurological physiotherapy assessment will be carried out at your own pace and should you experience any unusual sensations or pain, then it’s important to tell the physiotherapist. This will help to ensure a more accurate and effective treatment plan for you.

What Will Neurological Physiotherapy Treatment Include?

Neuro physiotherapy treatment plans are tailored around an individual’s needs. Each and every person will have different things carried out and this will be determined by the symptoms experienced and your own personal capabilities. Some of the neurological treatments that might be offered are:

• Advice and education on self help
• Exercise therapy
• Hands on Neurological Physiotherapy such as tissue stretches and joint mobilisation
• Balance work
• Pain management
• Sensory retraining

How Does Neuro Physiotherapy Work?

Neurological physiotherapy works in a number of ways and uses a many different treatments to ensure its success. Some of the main things neuro physio focuses on are:

Joint Stiffness – Localised treatment or specially designed splints can be carried out by most neurological physiotherapists.
• strong>Muscle Weakness – A tailored program will be created after our assessment to strengthen muscles to help improve movement.
Spasticity – Spasticity is when muscle tone and stiffness cause your arms or legs to hold in strange positions. This will be treated by neurological physios on a patient by patient basis.
Muscle Shortening – Tailored made exercise plans are created to lengthen short muscle structures which will allows you to move much more freely.
Balance and Posture – A lack of sensation can cause your body to become unbalances and your posture to be affected. Once your body flexes it can be hard to regain control, neurological physiotherapists help to realign your posture to improve stance and balance.

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Who Will Carry Out Neurological Physiotherapy?

Neuro physio should only be carried out by neurological physiotherapists, this is to ensure a thorough assessment is carried out. Professional neuro physios will create a tailormade physiotherapy plan to suit your individual need and capabilities. Here at Broadgate GP, we can assess and treat a number of neurological conditions. Get in touch today and one of our team will be more than happy to assist.