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Hepatitis C is a virus that initially affects the liver. The answer to the question of do you need Hepatitis C tests in London, depends one of two thing only. Do you suspect you might have Hepatitis C, or are you showing typical symptoms?

Why Hepatitis C is such a dangerous infection

Hepatitis C does not always present symptoms, and this makes it a particularly nasty infection. You may only have minor symptoms which you do not recognise as being anything serious, or you may have no discernible symptoms. Either way, if you have an infection and it goes untreated, it will progress and could lead to cirrhosis and even death.

Because it is potentially such a serious disease, knowing whether you need Hepatitis C tests in London (or of course anywhere else here in the UK) is very important.

If you do display symptoms, it’s a no-brainer. You do need to undergo Hepatitis C tests in London, and the earlier the better.

Early Hepatitis C tests in London lead to treatment and cure

Knowing whether or not you are at risk or have been at risk of a Hepatitis C infection is important. To understand the ways you could have been put at risk click here.

The good news is that when Hepatitis C tests in London or elsewhere are positive, providing its caught early, the disease is eminently treatable and curable. That is why early diagnosis is so important.

If you live and /or work here in town, Hepatitis C tests in London are available from any STI/GUM clinic. You can of course also go to your own GP. You can also have Hepatitis C antibody tests at most antenatal clinics, plus drug and alcoholism treatment clinics.

Choose Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall for Hepatitis C tests in London

Because of the stigma some people attach to Hepatitis C tests in London through public services other than GPs, many people prefer to use a private clinic like our clinic here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall. The fact that we handle, not just STIs, but the complete range of medical health issues, can help to disguise why patients choose our services.

As a top, private clinic, your visit to Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall will be handled with discretion and in total confidentiality. You can also take advantage of the walk in screening service we provide. You can check out our opening hours by clicking here.