Beat Depression

Knowing a few natural ways you can beat depression could turn your life around. In this short blog, we here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall offer a few helpful suggestions you might like to try out.

Depression is a dreadful illness. It can leave you feeling alone and helpless. However, the fact of the matter is that you are not alone – far from it. Up to 20% of the UK population suffer with depression at some point in their lives. Many have helped themselves by fighting back using these natural techniques.

Establish a routine

The first of the natural ways you can beat depression is to establish and get into a routine. Depression has a way of stripping away the structure of your life, whereby one day simply seems indistinguishable from the next. By setting yourself a gentle routine, you can help to get yourself back on track.

Set yourself some goals

One of the common effects of depression is that you don’t feel you are capable of achieving anything. This in-turn leads to lack of self-confidence and self-esteem and only makes you feel worse about yourself. To offset this, you can set yourself some daily goals or targets. Be fair to yourself though and start by setting relatively easily achievable goals, such as doing the washing-up every second day. As you begin to succeed, you can then start making your goals a little more challenging.

Get into an exercise routine

Exercise increases your body’s production of the “feel-good” chemicals known as endorphins. This can produce long-term benefits if you are depressed. It is now believed that a regular exercise regime encourages your brain to reset itself to look at things in a more positive way. Simple aerobic exercise like taking a 20/30minute walk 3 or 4 times per week is sufficient.

Eat a health well-balanced diet

Diet in itself cannot fix your depression. However, depression has a way of making you overeat, or eat unhealthy, convenience foods. Constructing a healthy, well-balanced diet has many benefits. According to some recent research, eating foods like salmon and tuna that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, can help to ease depression. This is also said to be true of foods like spinach and avocado, which are rich in folic acid.

As well as helping you to avoid overeating and eating the wrong foods, a healthy well-balanced diet can help you to manage your weight, and generally look and feel better. These are all positives.

Sleep is another of the natural ways you can beat depression

If you are depressed, you may find it difficult to sleep. Sleep deprivation only serves to worsen depression. Try going to bed and rising at the same time every day. Make sure you avoid taking naps through the day. Remove any distractions you may have in your bedroom.

Depression diagnosis and treatment at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall

Clinical depression is a serious illness. You should get medical attention, get a diagnosis, and if necessary go on a course a medication. You may however find that the suggestions made above can help you to manage and eventually defeat your depression.

The walk-in services we provide here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall cover depression diagnosis and treatment. If you live/and or work in London why not drop in at your convenience, or call us today on 020 7638 4330.