Millennials Favour Private Appointments With GPs

With up to 75% of private patients being reported to be aged between 20 and 39, it’s no surprise to hear that millennials favour private appointments over the NHS. It has recently been made clear that young people prefer going to a private GP where they will receive a same day service in oppose to waiting weeks for an appointment.

Private General Practice Vs NHS General Practice

The survey that was taken showed us that it is an equal number of both male and females who attend a private appointment, where as with the NHS women dominate appointments. From the survey that was completed by DocTap, it showed that on average a male visits a NHS GP just four times a year, where a women’s average is six times a year.

With further details in the survey showing that private appointments with GPs lasted around 15 minutes, and NHS GP appointments usually allocated between 8-10 minutes, people felt like they were being cared for better after getting extra time to explain their reason for the visit.

In Conclusion

In conclusion to the survey that was completed by DocTap, millennials aged between 20 – 39 would rather pay the cost of a private general practice to receive a same day appointment. Rather than waiting weeks to be seen, young people are much more quicker to act on their health and prefer to be seen on the same day by a doctor. The survey also showed that young people are happy to pay for a private services if it meant that they have a better chance of being seen by the same doctor each time they visited the practice.

Rather than being rushed in and out of appointments and waiting weeks to be be seen, people aged between 20 – 39 would rather pay the charge of going private where they are given more time with a doctor, same day appointments and confidence to speak. Whether it be down to the generation being used to faster services in all aspects of life, millennials favour private appointments and Broadgate General Practice are happy to provide a fast and sufficient service to all of our clients, regardless of their health issue or age. That’s why we provide same day appointments across London!

In a Hurry?

If you’re in a hurry and seeking health advice on the same day, come along to Broadgate General Practice for a same day appointment. Our private GP in London is open Mon – Thur 08:00 – 18:30 and Fri 08:00 – 17:30. So if you’d like to receive a same day appointment to discuss your health issues or illness, Broadgate General Practice are at your call. Based in London, our clinic is open to treat various walk-in GP services, travel vaccines, health screening and sexual health. Whether you’re looking to seek help with family planning or complete a sexual health test, our clinic is open to help.

Broadgate General Practice is a discreet and confidential clinic that will help treat a wide range of illness and health issues. If you think that Broadgate General Practice could help you, please feel free to get in touch today to speak to a friendly member of our team.