Menopause well woman clinic services are available in London from Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall. Our private clinic offers a walk-in service that women can fit in to best suit their busy schedules.

Menopause statistics in the UK

Approximately three-quarters of women experience problems when going through the menopause. The average age here in the UK for women to begin going through the menopause is 52, although many women begin earlier; some as early as 40 and even 30 years of age.

When the menopause begins in women of 45 years of age and under, it is referred to as premature menopause.

The menopause explained

The menopause is caused by the changes in women’s bodies’ brought about when hormone levels are reduced, particularly oestrogen. The decreased levels of oestrogen cause the ovaries to stop the monthly manufacture of eggs. Periods can at first become less frequent, until they stop altogether. Some women experience total, immediate period cessation.

Some women do not need medical treatment to help them though menopause and some do. The well woman menopause clinic services we offer here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall, and for those women who need help. These women suffer various symptoms as a result of oestrogen production decreasing; symptoms such as:

  • Emotional disturbance and upset
  • Hot flushes
  • Mood swings
  • Night sweats
  • Dryness of the vagina.

The severity of these symptoms varies from woman to woman, and when severe, HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) may be of help.

You can find more information and advice about going through the menopause, from support groups like The Menopause Exchange.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

The menopause well woman clinic services that we offer here at Broadgate are geared to address all aspects of the emotional and physical changes that take place. HRT treatment via creams, gels, implants, patches and tablets is but one aspect.

Consultations are part of Broadgate’s menopause well woman clinic services

A consultation, or on-going consultations, is also part of the menopause well woman clinic services that are on offer here at Broadgate well women clinic. You can discuss the benefits of HRT with one of our female doctors, or get information and advice about some of the alternative treatments to HRT.

HRT alternatives

The effects of hormone replacement therapy have been researched on more than 1 million women all over the world and results have shown that it works, and is safe for the majority of women.

However, some women are concerned about possible links to breast cancer, and if they have a family history of this disease, they may prefer to look into alternative treatment options. These options include:

  • Alternative medicine which comprises a range of various therapies like acupressure, acupuncture, and homeopathy
  • Complimentary treatment – used along conventional medical therapies; for example HRT combined with aromatherapy
  • Conventional medical treatment such as antidepressants
  • Herbal treatments which are based on the principle of using plants or plant extracts

Menopause well woman clinic services from Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall

If you are suffering from the symptoms of the menopause and you need help, you should make use of the menopause well woman clinic services, offered on a walk-in basis, by Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall. If you prefer to telephone in advance and make an appointment, the number to call is 020 7638 4330.

Don’t suffer in silence, drop in to our well-woman clinic at your convenience or call us today.