Medical Treatment Abroad

As we here in the UK continue to jet off overseas to sunnier shores and exotic places to escape the hectic everyday life and equally exasperating weather, the need to keep yourself prepared and organised whilst abroad is as important as ever. Whether you are a frequent traveller, and particularly if you are going abroad with your family or friends for the first time, there are some bits of advice you should be made aware of before considering following the trend:-

1.)  Get Vaccinated!

Make sure that when travelling anywhere, particularly if it is anywhere outside of Europe, that you check what potential illnesses you need to protect you and your family against to avoid picking up any horrible illnesses thousands of miles from home. The NHS provides a whole checklist on their website on what travel vaccinations you should look at getting for which ever country you may be visiting.  Hygiene and health amongst people may not be of the same standard as here in the UK, plus if you are travelling anywhere much hotter, the heat will allow any potential illnesses to mutate and spread much quicker. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you get yourself and your family protected to avoid any nasty surprises.

2.)  Health and Travel Insurance

In the nasty situation where you or someone else ends up needing emergency treatment abroad after a serious accident, it is worth knowing that, without proper health and travel insurance, the cost of emergency treatment could end up costing you astronomical amounts of money that you either don’t have to give or that you didn’t expect. By taking out appropriate health and travel insurance before leaving the country, should the worst happen, your policy will be able to cover any potential costs of unexpected urgent treatment needed on foreign soil.

3.)  Food and Hygiene Quality

It is important to know that whatever you are eating or drinking abroad is safe and healthy for you and your friends and family. In a lot of countries outside of the UK, for example, tap water is not safe to drink in warmer countries as it may contain all sorts of bacteria, so make sure to buy bottled water to be safe. Overall, just be aware of what food you are buying and how you would take care of it at home as keeping yourself and any food you eat fresh is incredibly important.

If you are going abroad then it’s important to enquire about travel vaccinations. We can offer you help, advice and the necessary vaccinations at one of our travel clinics – so give us a call and make an appointment today!