Travel Vaccine

If you’re thinking about travelling abroad, you may need a measles vaccine. Many adults who have not had a measles vaccine are at greater risk of catching the disease and passing it onto others, but whilst abroad and at home. As you may know Measles is a highly contagious, serious and sometimes even fatal disease that requires a vaccine in order to stay immune. So with a lot of people getting excited to jet abroad this Summer, we strongly suggest getting a measles vaccine or checking to see when yours is due.

Measles can become a more serious and complicated disease for infants and children up to 5 years old as well as pregnant women. This disease can also have more serious effects on people with serious illnesses and compromised immune systems. Measles doesn’t have a specific treatment as it can differ in case to case. Having Measles will typically last between 7 – 10 days but immediate attention and treatment is necessary. To prevent you and your loved ones from picking up this disease, Broadgate General Practice strongly advise that you get a travel vaccine.

Measles Outbreak

With Measles recently having an outbreak, there’s a quick and easy way to make sure that you’re safe whilst on holiday. Simply make sure that you’ve received the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine before travelling abroad. This will ensure that you’re protected against catching any threatening diseases and also preventing the risk too.

For those of you who are thinking of going travelling, travel vaccines are more important for you. Ensuring that your immune system is protected to the highest level is vital as you will be travelling from country to country. Our main advice would be ensure that your travel vaccine is still within date, and if not to check. Broadgate General Practice are more than happy to help with this.

If you’re aged 28 or above, you may believe that you’re fully vaccinated against MMR, but this may not be the case. We suggest that you check with your GP or come to Broadgate General Practice for your travel vaccinations. Our treatment is designed to be hassle free and is even available with a same day service. So whether you’re off on holiday or going travelling, our travel vaccines will help keep you safe and immune from diseases such as Measles.

Contact Broadgate General Practice

If your travel vaccine is due again or you require on in order to go abroad, we suggest that you contact Broadgate General Practice. Our team have years of experience in travel vaccinations and much more. So don’t wait about and get in touch with our team today, we even provide same day appointments. Simply call our travel clinic on 020 7638 4330 to discuss your needs and requirements. We hope to hear from you soon and hope you have a fabulous time on holiday or travelling!