Maintain The Well-Being Of Your Employees

It is important to look after the well-being and health of your employees. Not only does it make them less likely to take time off sick, but they will feel looked after and appreciated by your company.

A healthy and happy workforce will have a better work attendance and they’ll perform much more effectively when they are there too.

The employee healthcare you can provide ranges from return-to-work medicals for workers who have been off sick to flu vaccinations, which can help to stop the dreaded flu causing half your workplace to go off sick this winter.

Medicals such as return-to-work assessments, sickness reports and absence reports can help you to monitor your employees’ health and allow you to take the steps needed to help them get back to work as safely and swiftly as possible.

These work medicals enable you to take care of your staff’s health and they give your company the peace of mind that you are doing everyone you can to help your employees through a troubling time.

Broadgate General Practice’s occupational health services can also provide work-related and travel vaccinations to make sure your staff have all their necessary jabs when they need to travel abroad on business.

We can also give your team immediate consultations with pain and back specialists or book them in for physiotherapy treatment. This is very helpful if your staff begin to suffer pain that may be affecting their ability to do their work, such as back pain, neck pain or arm strain caused by computer monitor work.

At Broadgate GP, we also have specialist clinics that your staff can visit for medical advice, including a complementary medicine clinic, which can prove beneficial for your workforce’s general, physical and emotional well-being.

If you have any special requests, our professional and experience team will be more than happy to accommodate them. We can offer specially tailored medicals and individual assessments that are designed to meet your specific needs.

If you would like more information about occupational health, contact Broadgate GP today on 020 7638 4330 or visit We are conveniently located near Liverpool Street and Bank stations, so our clinic is accessible from all parts of London.