Psychiatrist in London

London’s Mental Health Recovery initiative

The latest updates to specialist support for mental health in London has distinguished how the first steps are always the hardest to take and research has revealed how sufferers are scared to go to their GP as they feel uncomfortable talking about their situations.

The revealing of this news has really caused concern throughout the area, with it having devastating consequences on future treatment.

For the majority of people experiencing mental health distress and symptoms, your doctors surgery should be the first port of call, however issues have been raised regarding local doctors not being sufficiently equipped to manage patients’ mental health situations.

A third of everyday GP appointments are regarding an individual’s emotional well being, which has encouraged charities and similar organisations to inspire people to speak up about their mental health.


People are deciding not to talk to their GP about their issues due to longer waiting times, problems with booking repeat appointments and insufficient care. With no information on the appropriate treatments, some people are living in silence and not seeking support.

As well as this up to 50% of people said they felt they wouldn’t be took seriously and were worried regarding how they should explain their feelings during 10-15 minute appointments. Others were concerned that they would be sectioned or approached by social services and some felt that they couldn’t tell their doctor everything that’s affecting them.

Addressing these concerns has become a priority throughout London due to the number mental health illnesses being exceptionally high. Processes have been put in place to ensure doctors are aware of how to handle these situations and provide further knowledge on the area.

Recent information has shown that some individuals have received excellent help from their GPs including exceptional support and doctors creating safe environments and encouraging honesty and openness to their patients.

Steps going forward include a focus on encouraging people suffering to come forward and not be afraid, as well as reassuring that the right steps can be provided for help as well as knowledge.


At Broadgate GP, our doctor is fully qualified to support all mental health issues and illnesses. We will offer a full private psychiatrist assessment which will cover a range of factors including lifestyle choices and behaviour. Our GP will then provide a range of necessary solutions or further psychological support or psychiatric services.

Should you require support from a GP regarding your mental health, simply book with Broadgate GP and our same day appointment service today.

We cover a range of mental health issues including anxiety, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, east disorders, addictions, depression and personality disorder.

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