Your Future Health

None of us ever expect to come down with a serious illness and assume we will always be there for our family and friends. Unfortunately, many of the more serious diseases that can occur often don’t show noticeable symptoms until it is too late to treat them.

Illnesses such as cancer can be picked up by health screening, which allows you to be treated while the cancer is in its very early stages. Left undetected, you may not discover you are ill until you start to feel unwell when the cancer is far more advanced.

Diabetes, high blood pressure and dangerous cholesterol levels can also be detected with health screening so your doctor can help you to change your diet and lifestyle before it is too late.

If you choose to have a health screening, you are investing in your future by giving yourself the best possible chance to beat any illnesses or conditions you may have. A health screening can also pick up silent conditions such as Chlamydia and detect if you have problems with your kidney, liver or heart.

Broadgate General Practice offers a number of health screens and our staff will be able to advise you which one is the best for you.

The Essential Health Screen takes just one hour and it will analyse your general health and also investigate your cholesterol, ESR, blood count, blood glucose levels and liver and kidney function. We will provide you with a full-assessment report and our services are always very sensitive and discreet.

If you have any specific concerns, you can also choose to add extra tests, such as a prostate specific antigen, cervical smear and mammogram, to the ones included in your health screening.

We also offer a Well Woman Screen, which is tailored to check for all the health concerns that can affect women of any age.

If you would like more information about any of our health screenings, visit or call one of our friendly staff today on 020 7638 4330.