The UK now has the highest rate of childhood obesity in Western Europe and has seen a dramatic increase in the number of young people being admitted to hospital as a direct result of obesity.

New figures show that over the past 10 years, 20,885 young people in England alone had to be treated in hospital for obesity-related conditions or complications, while similar surveys in England show that about 14-20% of 2-15 year-olds are obese.

Health professionals and politicians are calling for the marketing of fast food chains at young people to be severely reviewed and many are even suggesting a full ban before the watershed, along with preventing the building of fast food restaurants near schools.

Additionally, it further goes to show the importance of educating young people and setting a good example of a healthy, balanced diet from a young age.

Projects and campaigns over the last few years, such as the “Healthy School Meals” campaign by Jamie Oliver, and the “five a day” when it comes to five portions of fruit and vegetables every day really targeted the points that needed to be targeted and highlighted, not only the importance of healthy eating; but that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on taste.

If you’re unsure about your diet and want some tips on how to eat better, there are many useful online resources to help you understand what’s in the products you buy; how to prepare and cook things for the best results, and how to keep within a good budget, without sacrificing on quality, healthy produce.

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