In-House Pharmacy & Private Prescription Service

As well as offering a comprehensive service of top quality, private healthcare, Broadgate Clinic London Wall also operates an in-house pharmacy and private prescription service.

Maxim convenience for patients

If you visit us as a private patient, it means that you can collect any medication(s) a doctor may have prescribed for you before you leave the clinic. This saves you in the inconvenience of having to locate a separate high street chemist; something that it especially important if you have visited us as a “walk-in” patient in order to optimise an opportunity to take time out during your busy working day.

Open to members of the general public

You don’t have to be one of our private patients in order to make use of our in-house pharmacy. It’s also open to members of the general public. So if you say, live out of town, you’ve been to see your local GP back home and you’ve been given a prescription which is inconvenient to pick up back home because it means having to take more time off work; we can make it up for you here at a time that is convenient to you.

Broadgate Clinic London Wall opening hours

Our hours of opening are:

Monday to Thursday       08:00 to 18:30

Friday                                 08:00 to 17:30

If you want to telephone ahead to check whether or not our in-house pharmacy carries a certain product or has a particular medicine in stock, the number to call is 020 7638 4330.