Same Day Vaccinations

Vaccinations can protect you from all kinds of illnesses – they can stop you getting the flu if you’re staying here in the wet and windy UK and they can also prevent a variety of diseases if you are lucky enough to be jetting off to an exotic climate.

If you need travel vaccinations, then the odds are you will want them doing right away. Whether you are off on a last-minute business trip or just forgot all about your holiday jabs until the final hour, Broadgate General Practice can give you all the advice and vaccinations that you need at short notice.

We offer a walk-in service and immediate consultations start at just £30. Our professional, friendly service is always very sensitive and discreet and we will also provide you with all the paperwork and certificates you need for your trip so you can prove that you have had the relevant vaccinations done.

Broadgate General Practice is located in the heart of the City and you can easily reach us from all sides of London. We are based close to Liverpool Street and Moorgate stations, so it’s very easy to pop in on your lunch break or after work, which means you don’t have to take too much time out from your packing to get your travel vaccinations done.

If it’s the flu vaccination you need, then you will also be able to take advantage of our convenient walk-in service and immediate consultations to get your flu jab done at a time that suits your busy schedule. Prices start at just £15 and just one quick and easy jab will keep you protected throughout the Autumn and Winter months ahead.

If you consider how much money you can spend on medicines and time off work if you do get ill, it really is worth investing in the flu vaccination to prevent you from getting the flu this year.

For more information on flu vaccinations and travel vaccinations, visit Broadgate GP or call 020 7638 4330 today.