HIV and Aids

When it was first diagnosed in 1968, HIV was soon to become a huge worldwide epidemic for which there was no cure. It causes AIDS which is a terminal illness. Today, new medications have been developed which can control HIV and prevent it from turning into AIDS. It is however, still a very serious illness and HIV tests in London are available if you are worried you may have the infection.

About HIV and how it is transmitted

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a disease that attacks the human immune system. It weakens the system’s ability to fight off infection. Once a person has been infected with HIV there is no cure. Many people live with HIV all over the world.

HIV is transmitted when an infected person transfers his/her body fluids to someone else. The virus can be found in blood, breast milk, anal fluid, semen and vaginal fluid. More than 95% of new cases of HIV are from sexual activity, predominantly sex without a condom. The virus can also be transmitted by breast feeding and sharing needles, or being cut by any infected device. That is why it is essential to have HIV tests in London if worried you may have an infection.

Why going for HIV tests in London is so important

Because there are now effective medications to control HIV infections, the seriousness of HIV may have diminished in some people’s eyes. However, this is a big mistake. Left undiagnosed and untreated, HIV will develop into full-blown AIDS which is eventually fatal. You therefore cannot ignore HIV and forgo HIV tests in London.

In some cases, HIV remains an asymptomatic illness for many months. In the majority of instances however, it is heralded by certain flu-like symptoms which you can find more about by clicking here.

The danger is that even when the disease does not show any symptoms; without appropriate medication, the infection will progress. In other words, if anyone suspects they may have been exposed to HIV, they should under HIV tests in London, or wherever else is convenient.

Walk-in HIV testing at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall

Some people are reticent to go to an STI/GUM clinic for fear of being spotted. Another option, if you live and/or work in London, is to have HIV tests in London at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall. Because we are private clinic that deals with all sorts of general health issues, being spotted visiting our premises causes no specific speculation about STI/HIV screening.

The other plus point about HIV tests in London at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall is that you can make use of our walk-in service. For more information, browse through our website or call 020 7382 0505.