Mosquito bites are at best an irritation, and at worst a potential disease carrying injection. If you are travelling abroad you can contact the travel clinic here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall, not only for advice about mosquitoes, but for advice about any health threats where you will be travelling to. Our walk-in travel clinic in London City also offers a comprehensive travel vaccines program.

Malaria is of course the most infamous disease associated with mosquito bites, but there are other diseases too which include:

Chikungunya – a disease that causes extreme pain. There is no known cure for Chikungunya but human trials of the first potentially successful vaccine were started in August 2014
Dengue Fever – a disease that can prove fatal and for which there is no effective vaccination
Encephalitis (various strains) – can prove fatal or seriously debilitating. There is an effective vaccine for Japanese Encephalitis but no effective human travel vaccines for other strains.
West Nile Virus – a disease that attacks the nervous system. It is debilitating but not usually fatal various travel vaccines are currently undergoing human trials
Yellow Fever – A disease that can prove fatal; however there is an effective vaccination already in existence and many countries have comprehensive vaccination programs, so it is rare amongst travellers

About malaria

The dangers of Malaria are well documented.   Every year Malaria kills 584,000 people, the majority of which are young people. There is no outright cure, and if left untreated it can kill within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms. There is no effective vaccination at present.

Getting advice of avoiding Malaria from Broadgate Clinic London Wall

Many types of Malaria can be prevented. If you call in at our walk-in travel clinic here in the heart of London, our travel health professionals here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall can discuss with you the precautions you should take, and can advise about the need for anti-malaria medication, which we hold in stock at our in-house pharmacy.

Mosquito bite prevention

The old adage that prevention is better than cure is certainly true when talking about mosquito bites; whether from the point of view of simply annoying, itchy bites, or avoiding a potentially serious disease. With care, and by taking the right precautions, mosquito bites are quite easily preventable.

In order to avoid being bitten, the first thing you should do is to wear clothing that covers as much of your skin as possible. Any unclothed areas of your body are vulnerable to mosquito bites; including your hands and face.

Be careful. Items of thin clothing may not protect you. Mosquitoes can bite through them, so to be on the safe side you should spray the fabric with a repellent. You can buy certain items of clothing that are made with mosquito repellent fabric. The fabric is usually impregnated with a substance called pyrethroid. Unfortunately they are not exactly items of high fashion.

Mosquito repellent

You should apply mosquito repellent to any areas of naked skin. Proprietary brands of mosquito repellent all vary in terms of how long they are effective for once applied. Read the manufactures’ instructions carefully, and don’t forget to top-up, if you go beyond the recommended protection period.

Mosquitoes need stagnant water to breed, so you should do a quick check around any outside areas to make sure there are no standing pools of water. Look out for things like old tyres or cans that can collect rain water.

If you are outside in the open air having a drink, eating a meal, or just chatting, you can also position some anti-mosquito coils that you can slow burn, and impregnated candles you can set alight. They all help to control against mosquito invasion. Ultrasound devices, regardless of the publicity they are given, do not prevent bites.

Mosquito nets

To avoid being bitten when you go to bed, they only sure-fire way is to drape a mosquito net around the area where the bed is. First, make sure there are no mosquitoes trapped inside the net when you arrange it, and make sure that there aren’t any small gaps. Mosquitoes are tenacious little devils and will find a way through if they can. Mosquito nets that are impregnated with pyrethroid are recommended.  

Taking precautions is easy, and when properly carried out, they are an effective way of preventing mosquito bites. Its all about planning. Phone ahead to where you will be staying and ask questions about whether or not doors and window and are fitted with nets, and beds as well.

Pop in to Broadgate Clinic London Wall for travel advice and travel vaccines

You can buy mosquito repellent at most high street chemists, or over the counter at our walk in, in-house pharmacy here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall. If you live and/or work in London why not pop in and buy what you need, or for a chat with one of our travel clinic experts about any travel vaccines you may need?