We all catch a cold every now and again, with the change in seasons and temperature bringing new germs and bacteria. Here are some top tips for how to shake that cold when you do get it.

Preventative Measures

The best way to get rid of a winter cold is not to catch it in the first place. Take preventative measures such as washing your hands whenever you are in a communal place, to minimise the risk of exposure to other people’s germs, or carry hand sanitiser with you and use it frequently.

Keep your immune system in top shape to help ward off colds and flus if you do catch them by exercising regularly and eating a healthy balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you work in a large office advise staff with colds to go home and rest or work from home to prevent the whole office being struck down with it.  

Get Plenty of Sleep

Should you catch a cold it is important to take action to bolster your immune system with plenty of sleep. Get plenty of rest and high quality sleep to give your body time to focus its energy on fighting the germs. The quality of work you do when ill will be substandard so don’t be a martyr and soldier on through illness. Go home, put your feet up and rest your body so your immune system can do its job.   

Top up on Vitamin C

Vitamin C boosts your immune system and is best taken in through your diet rather than in supplements. Try eating foods rich in vitamin C, such as strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, kiwi fruit, broccoli, cauliflower and kale (dark green leaves).

Over the Counter Drugs

Many health brands such as Beechams and Lemsip sell a variety of over the counter products to help alleviate the symptoms of a cold. You can try the various lozenges and sachets for hot drinks but they largely consist of paracetamol. It may be more effective and cheaper to simply take some paracetamol. 

Try Home Herbal Remedies

Everyone has his or her own answer to the common cold. One that seems to prove particularly effective is to make a hot drink consisting of manuka honey, which can be bought in health food shops and is so effective as a curative recipe that the NHS use it the help in the healing of wounds. Add some cold water to make the drink tepid then add the juice of one lemon. Finish with a few drops of Echinacea liquid.

The honey will soothe a sore throat, the warm drink will alleviate a wheezy chest and the Echinacea will assist your immune system. At the very least, the fact you are doing something to counter the cold will have a positive psychological impact, much like a placebo, in helping you to feel that you are doing something about it rather than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.

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