When the flu strikes, there can sometimes be nothing worse. Feeling lethargic, with a temperature, a blocked nose and a sore throat. Flu tends to come in waves and spreads like wildfire. Once someone’s immune system is compromised by a flu bug, they often pass it on to others by sneezing or having bacteria on their hands etc. Most typically, the flu bug will pass within about a week, however to the sufferer, this can often seem like an eternity. Below we look at the best ways to deal with the flu and get over it.

Stay Hydrated

Flu like symptoms can include a temperature and excess sweating. This can leave you dehydrated and feeling lethargic. It is essential to drink plentiful amounts of water and hot drinks to rehydrated your body and flush the toxins out of your system.


As you feel worn down, it is important to catch up on as much sleep as possible. In this time, your body will be repairing and recovering itself and fighting any infections. During the day whilst you are active and awake, the body has to use its energy to serve your needs. When sleeping, it can focus solely on aiding recovery.

Consume Vitamins (In Particular Vitamin C)

Vitamin C can be found in pill form, is available as a soluble powder to be mixed within drinks, or is found in plentiful supply in foods such as oranges, broccoli or Brussels sprouts. Keeping your overall level of vitamins and minerals high will provide the body with a high level of nutrients and antioxidants, so that it can fight the flu virus most effectively.

Visit The Doctor

The doctor will often be able to prescribe anti-viral drugs which will have the benefit of reducing the severity of the illness. They will also be able to check that is it nothing more sinister than a simple flu virus. In addition, they can also provide flu vaccinations to control and reduce the number of people infected.

Wrap Up Warm

Flu viruses are typically accompanied with a fever. A fever is the body’s defence mechanism to try and kill the virus and it is actually assisting us, so needs to be ‘ridden out’.  Fevers make us feel cold and therefore having numerous light layers that can be added or removed depending on how the body feels, is a wise move.

Take Paracetamol & Ibuprofen

These drugs will help to control the fever and reduce pain from aches in the muscles. Can be taken in pill form, or they can be consumed in drinks that are designed especially for those suffering from flu like symptoms.

Ultimately, whilst there are measures that can be taken to minimise the effects of the flu, there is little that can be done to stop catching it, and it is an illness that has to leave the body naturally. Staying hydrated, resting, consuming the right vitamins and minerals and taking pain killers can speed up the process, and antivirals from the doctors may reduce the symptoms and overall illness

period marginally, however they are unable to eliminate it completely. It is always wise to visit your GP if you have flu like symptoms to ensure it is nothing more serious.