Find a Conveniently Located Doctor’s Surgery

While it may seem logical to simply sign up to the surgery that is closest to your flat or house, this is not always the smartest option. If you have a hectic job that you find it difficult to take time off from, then you may actually be better off seeking out a practice near to your place of work.

If you can find a general practice near your office, then you can easily pop in at the start or end of the day without having to take much, if any, time off work. You can also make an appointment during your lunch break and all of these options are much more favourable than having to commute all the way back home to see a doctor.

Choose a GP with Flexible Appointments

There is nothing more frustrating that being told you can’t see a doctor for at least another week. If you are ill now, then it is only logical that you need to see a GP right away to seek medical advice and possibly medication that will help you to recover.

At Broadgate General Practice, we offer immediate and same-day appointments at our walk-in clinic, so you will never have to wait to see a doctor. We also let you choose the time of all your appointments, so you can easily fit your consultation into your day.

We are conveniently located in the heart of the City Of London too and because we open at 8am, you can make a doctor’s appointment before work.

For more information and full directions to our London Wall surgery, call 020 7638 4330.