Sexual health is largely a mystery to young teenagers. As they blossom into men and women it is important that parents foster a consciousness of their child’s sexual health to prevent against unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and other conditions affecting their sexual health. Here are some tips providing guidance on the best way to ensure your child feels free to discuss sexual health.


To ensure your teen can discuss sexual health you should ensure you have a good relationship founded on strong communication. A good relationship consists of open and honest discussion. By respecting their privacy and confronting their questions about sex you can foster a good awareness and interest in discussing sexual health.

Offer Support

Your family may not feel comfortable discussing their sexual health with you so it is important to respect this and ensure they are aware of anyone they can talk to in confidence about sexual health, such as their doctor, nurse or another professional health worker. Medical workers are trained to ensure they give clear guidance and support to all patients. Encourage the young people in your life not to be embarrassed about discussing anything that might be affecting them or weighing on their mind.

Friends and Peers

It is also important to recognise the sway held by their peers. Your family’s friends are the people they are most likely to discuss sexual health with. If they do, they are unlikely to get accurate facts or suitable advice so encourage your child to speak to someone who is trained to provide the full facts about whatever they question.

If you have a daughter she will need to eventually get cervical screens and swabs. It is important to educate young people about their biology and what will or might happen to them. A school may not do this, so you should check what their policy on sexual education is. 


It can be embarrassing to discuss sex for both adults and young people. By talking frankly and sensitively about sex, you will encourage your teen to ask questions. By providing honest answers they will feel more confident about discussing sex issues. You want to encourage a respectful and frank approach to the subject so that your child can approach you whenever they need to about anything they need advice about.

Listen and Support

Teenage years are ones of exploration and discovery, but it can be a rocky ground. In these liberal times the younger generation are more open about their sexuality and more expressive of it. You may find that people encounters desires that are foreign to you or different to your expectations about who they should be. When people discover who they are you should accept them for whatever they present to you, no matter how much it challenges your beliefs. This can be a struggle, but by remaining open-minded and accepting you will have the trust and respect.

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