Often when people decide to address their weight they establish an exercise regime and change their diet. However, it is important to consider one in light of their other for them to be effective.

Many diets claim to have an effect regardless of an exercise regime, but the most effective and healthy way to achieve weight loss is to build a plan that combines both your diet and physical exercise.

You could fill an encyclopaedia with the different fad diets that have come into fashion from the salmon diet to the grapefruit juice diet, all claiming dramatic effects. But all too often dieters find that as soon as they stop doing the diet the weight stacks back on.

Calorie Awareness

Calorie counting is one way to monitor your dietary intake against your current weight. If you are engaged in a weight loss program your weight will be changing weekly, so your diet will need to be adapted accordingly. By establishing your calorie intake for your present weight you can identify how many calories you need to reduce in your diet in order to lose weight.

You should subtract approximately 500 calories to lose between 1-2 pounds. You then need to account for your exercise regime. Be aware that eating too little or too much while exercising can be detrimental for your health and prevent you from achieving your exercise goals.

Menu Planning

Each week plan a menu of meals that fits in with the calories you want to consume in accordance with your weight loss plan. Picking up meals on the go from food outlets means you have less control over what you eat and the food is more likely to be high in carbohydrate snacks, rather than nourishing meals with sufficient vitamins and minerals. 

Staying Hydrated

Water is a very important for your body to function. It is also an excellent way to supplement a diet and exercise regime focussed on weight loss as, it does not make you put on weight and helps to flush out toxins from the body. The recommended amount of water for an adult is eight glasses a day. This might increase if you are doing intensive exercise. It is very important while exercising to stay sufficiently hydrated and not to allow your weight loss program.

The Mental Stress of Battling Weight Loss

Many people also find that weight loss is a mental battle for them. Do not ignore the necessary mental exercise you might need to do to help you to lose weight in a controlled manner. It is important not to develop an obsession or inadvertently develop an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia, which are mental illnesses about effecting control. These are deeply distressing and serious mental illnesses, so remain aware of what a healthy weight loss goal is and stop yourself losing weight once you reach your goal. This should be a short-term project that evolves into a healthy exercise regime and improved diet to ensure the weight stays off.

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