Perhaps you have recently moved into a new area of London, or maybe you are tired of poor service from your current GP. Whatever your reason for seeking private GP services, it is important to select a surgery carefully. Below you can find a number of useful tips on selecting a new GP surgery in London.

1. Find a Surgery Close to Work

If you work in the centre of London then it makes sense to find a surgery close to work. Often it is difficult to fit in an appointment at a surgery near your home, if you live a distance from work. This is because you will be working throughout surgery opening hours. Instead it makes sense to choose a surgery near to your work so you can pop in at a convenient time.

2. Do Your Research

Research potential surgeries by asking for recommendations from friends and searching online. Once you have a few surgeries in mind, give each one a call and ask them a few questions. Perhaps you will want to know more about the doctors who work at the surgery, or maybe you would like further information on the services they offer.

3. Visit the Surgery

Even if you register with a surgery it doesn’t mean that you can’t change your mind. If you are not happy with the service you are receiving then simply find another surgery in London.

Broadgate GP

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