Owning a business can be an incredibly exciting and rewarding thing. It is also fraught with concerns, stresses and problems. Learn how to balance your stress with these useful tips.

Enjoy What You Do

If you do not take a degree of pleasure in what you do, you will not do it well and it will cause boundless stress which could manifest as illness. Learn to identify what it is that you enjoy about owning a business and focus your energy on this. Learn what your weaknesses are and appoint people with strengths in these areas so you do not worry about them. It is good to challenge yourself, but if you know you are no good at book keeping and you insist on doing it, you will only experience stress when doing it.

Employ Excellent Staff

For minimal stress as a business owner, employ high quality staff who are passionate about what they do. Provide a good structure for human resources to ensure your staff are rewarded for their successes, understand how they can progress within the business and have a solid personal development scheme in place so they are happy in their work and want to stay at your company.

Learn to Delegate

Don’t try to do everything yourself. Ultimately your role as the business owner is to navigate the business through highs and lows. It can be common for owners who have built a business from the ground up to struggle to let go of the smaller mundane tasks. As your business grows, delegate responsibilities to staff. Provide appropriate training so they can perform the task and ask them to report to you monthly or quarterly, so they have the space and time to properly organise their work. If you continually poke your nose in, they will become frustrated and feel undermined. Satisfied staff will perform good work and instil greater confidence in you, allowing you to let go of minor stresses and focus on the bigger picture.    

Take Plenty of Physical Exercise

Exercise is by far the most effective way to relieve stress. Do not burying yourself behind a desk all week. By taking a run, swimming, playing tennis or going to the gym you are creating a space for your mind to rest, for your body to dispose of toxins and nurturing your general wellbeing. It can be easy for business to create emergencies, or provide excuses for you to avoid exercise, so try to arrange to exercise with someone else as this will make you more likely to do it. If you really struggle employ a personal trainer. If you are paying for the privilege to exercise you are unlikely to make up excuses to avoid it.     


Lastly, a good way to relieve stress is to practice meditation. There are many classes, books and blogs about how to meditate and it is free. Yoga is another good path to meditation that combines meditation and exercise.