How much water should you drink per day? Well that depends on many things such as age, gender and size. The human body is made up of somewhere from 58% to 76% water, and as we do things physically, we use up that water and have to replace it.

How much water should you drink per day? Without it, here on Earth life would never have got started, and for us humans, if we don’t replenish our bodies’ levels of water, we will become ill, and eventually die.

The average recommendation per day

So, back to the question of how much water should you drink per day? Well, most experts recommend that on average, we should be drinking around 1.2 litres, or 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. If you live in hotter climates, work in a hot or dusty environment, and your occupation demands physical work, you will need to drink more.

But water is contained in many things, from items of food such as fruits and vegetables, to liquids and made-up drinks like tea and coffee. All of these sources can and do, contribute to your daily intake of water.

Water – weight gain and weight loss

The great thing about water from a health point of view, is that it has no calories. In other words you can drink as much of the stuff as you like (within reason), and it will not contribute to you putting on weight. In fact many dieticians promote water as a device for helping you to lose weight. Why? Well it’s because water, when drunk before eating a meal, can help to make you feel more full-up. In other words, you don’t feel like eating so much when your tummy is already partly full of water.

What if you don’t like water?

Of course there are plenty of people around who don’t like water, so what can they do? Well as we’ve already mentioned earlier, much of our food and drinks contain significant amounts of waters, with drinks like tea and coffee being close to 100%. Of course you need to be careful about the amount of caffeine you consume, the levels of which can be surprisingly high in tea and coffee, unless you choose decaffeinated.

Another great source of water is milk. It contains around 88% water. The other important thing about milk is that it is a great source of calcium which is good for us all. It contributes significantly to healthy bone and tooth growth. The best milk to drink is semi-skimmed. A significant amount of the fat is skimmed off, but you still have a good taste.

Beware juices, smoothies, sports and fizzy drinks

Although all of the above contain a lot of water, they also contain a lot of sugar. Smoothies have been hailed by many as being healthy, but many that contain fruit, also contain boatloads of sugar.

How much water should you drink per day to rehydrate?

When it comes down to quenching your thirst and rehydrating, there is no doubt about it; water is the number one choice – and to reiterate the answer to the question of how much water should you drink per day; on average you should target around 1.2 litres, or 6 to 8 glasses per day.