STIs, which some people also refer to as STDs, are a fact of life. If you choose not to think about them and you are sexually active, you will increase the likelihood of catching one. If you do, it could prove difficult to deal with, both from a physical and a psychological point of view. Before we get down to nuts and bolts in terms of how you can reduce the risk of STIs, please be aware.

If you already have one, or you suspect you may have contracted one and you have not yet been tested, diagnosed or treated, you can get sexual health advice, tests and treatment from the private walk-in STD clinic London based Broadgate GP services offer at London Wall, EC2M 5TU.

Abstain from sex or learn about risk limitation.

Not many things in life are clear cut. This includes STIs/ STDs. If you’re not already sexually active, the only relatively sure way of keeping clear of them is to not have sex until you’re in a steady relationship with a partner you know and trust. However, modern life and peer pressure make this an almost impossible option for most people, so it comes down to risk limitation.

Sharpen-up your STI communication skills

Communicating before fornicating isn’t just a pretty rhyme, it’s a meaningful one. Everyone should exercise a duty of care towards their sexual partners. One of the nasty things about STIs is that in many cases people do not display symptoms. It means they may be infected and can pass it on without even knowing it. Talking openly and honestly is something that we should all practice. It can help people to decide to get themselves tested, and forestall the “innocent” spreading of STDs. In any event, communicating the need to wear a condom (see below) is of prime importance before indulging in any sort of sexually activity (including oral sex)

Wear protection

Always wear protection. Condoms are available for both men and women. It has to be said that male condoms are more convenient to use than “femidoms”, and many people would say they are easier on the eye too. But whoever decides to take responsibility, one partner should wear one. It is by far the safest method of avoiding, catching, or spreading an STI if you are sexually active.

Limiting the number of partners you have

The more sexual partners you have and the less you know about them, the greater the chance of contracting an STD. Without wishing to sound crude, it’s simply a numbers game. The more partners, the greater the risk; it’s as simple as that.

Avoid alcohol and drug abuse

Excesses of alcohol and taking any sort of drugs tends to lower inhibitions and make things seem far less important than they really are. It can change you temporarily from being a careful person into a rash one who no longer cares at that point in time. Hopefully we are all aware of the sheer folly of sharing needles. It’s not only STDs that could be transmitted but HIV/AIDS too! Getting tested at London Clinic London Wall Bearing in mind that any sexual partner you have could be infected without knowing it makes it all the m ore important to either get tested yourself or persuade your partner to get tested, or both. The private walk-in STD clinic London based facility that Broadgate Clinic London Wall offers make this a simple, affordable task that can be fitted in at your convenience.