HIV Treatment London

With testing for HIV often seen as embarrassing and sometimes even an awkward treatment, Broadgate General Practice have always aimed avoid this by making it a more comfortable process. The team here at Broadgate General Practice are proud to offer a confidential and discreet service for HIV testing in London. We even have same day appointments available that offer immediate results. But how far has treatment for HIV actually came over the years? Let’s find out…

HIV Testing

If words like ‘Gonorrhoea’ and ‘Chlamydia’ make you shudder, receiving treatment for any sexual transmitted infections or diseases must be far out of the equation. But it doesn’t need to be. If you were to require treatment for an STI or HIV, you’ve got to be comfortable in doing so, hence why Broadgate General Practice take great pride in our HIV testing and treatments.

Changes in Time

Treatment for HIV is now better than ever, as 2017 marks the 100 year anniversary of the 1917 Venereal Disease Act. This act made the treatment of STIs by unqualified practitioners forbidden and demanded there to be a free, confidential service which diagnosed and treated sexual transmitted diseases.

These changes in time then brought forward the need for education, prevention and access to sexual health care for everyone. This then began the incredible journey as the treatment for sexual health and prevention of STIs moved forward like never before. Having care available for everyone meant that healthy sex and relationships was encouraged like never before and health care was taken more seriously. The 1920s opened the door to the production of the first latex condom, which was a massive breakthrough for people in appose to sheaths made of lamb intestine or animal horn (yes, really!).

During the 1960s the oral contraceptive pill was introduced followed by family planning, empowering millions of women worldwide to take further steps and control of their sexual health and family planning.

One of the latest developments was back in 2008 when the Human Papilloma Virus programme was introduced to teenage girls. This vaccination is now known to protect over 300,000 young women a year against deadly cervical cancers and extremely transmittable genital warts. It’s amazing to see how far both STI and HIV prevention and treatment has came forward over time and the difference it has made across the UK and worldwide.

HIV Treatment

Ultimately, one of the biggest advancements in sexual health has got to be in HIV care and treatments. This virus has often been a cause for concern as it can leave those infected with worries of making it to their next birthday. But, with advancements and developments in treatment, HIV can now be treated and controlled. Amazingly, there has been a 32% reduction in new HIV diagnoses in London. This could be down to Londoners now taking the right precautions and actions to prevent getting infected with HIV or passing it on should they already be infected. Scarily however, it is known that 13% of those living with HIV aren’t actually aware that they have it. So although there may be an decrease in new diagnoses in the London area, it could soon be on the increase again due to the unknown infections.

Taking The Right Steps

Whether you have an inkling or suspicion that you or your sexual partner could be at risk of carrying HIV, Broadgate General Practice strongly suggest that you or your partner gets tested right away. With around 39% of those diagnosed in the year of 2015 being diagnosed at a late stage, it can increase their risk of death tenfold. This ultimately means that the sooner you get tested the better. It’s really important for both your and your health that a HIV test is carried out at the earliest date as it will put you in a better position should you require treatment.

If you or your partner requires a HIV test in London, then Broadgate General Practice should be your first phone call. Our clinic is based at London Wall and is open to same day appointments. We pride ourselves on our HIV testing and sexual health service in general as no matter what, we will always offer private, confidential treatment. Call our clinic today on 020 7382 0505 to book your confidential HIV test with our doctor.