Tis the season to be jolly, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, never again! – The Christmas reveller’s carol – or so it should be.

How many times have you uttered those immortal words “Never again”, as you stare balefully at the face looking out of the bathroom mirror the following morning? Unfortunately partying and merry making, (especially during the Christmas holiday), go hand-in-hand with consuming copious amounts of alcohol; much to our own detriment the next morning. It’s not to be condoned of course, but the fact of the matter is that it’s going to happen.

As abstaining is so difficult, especially when everyone around you having such fun, and if you’re not going to be an old humbug, you might as well take the next best course of action and have a hangover cure lined up for the inevitable morning-after blues.

Prevention is better than cure

Being a respected medical clinic, Broadgate Clinic London Wall would first have to say that the best cure for a hangover is not to acquire one in the first place. Alcohol abuse is simply bad for you, at any level. But in the real world, as professional clinicians, we are here to treat those who are feeling unwell, so let’s cut to the chase. First, a note about trying to avoid a hangover.

Adam’s ale

You can almost avoid getting a hangover entirely if you drink plenty good old Adam’s ale – pure water, alongside any alcohol. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect, so drinking plenty of water helps to keep you hydrated as well as diluting the power of the alcohol. It will also help to minimise the total amount of alcohol you consume. Drinking water alongside alcohol is easy to do if you’re having a sit-down meal; not so easy if you’re on a drinking spree with a crowd of friends.

A few well-talked-about hangover cures

Over the decades various hangover cures have been advocated by the “party faithful”. They include things like:

  • The prairie oyster: a concoction of raw egg, Worcester sauce, hot sauce, vinegar, salt and pepper.
  • Tiger balm: applied topically to the temples and the back of the neck
  • A Wasabi bath: soak in a bath-full of warm water steeped with wasabi
  • A mustard bath: soak in a bath-full of warm water steeped with mustard powder
  • Foot massage: according to the theory of reflexology, the right foot is linked to the liver. It is said that by massaging its outer edge (roughly half along the length of the foot) you stimulate liver detoxification.
  • Yoga: an exercise known as the “the seated twist” is said to help to relieve the misery of a hangover. The twisting motion of this particular yoga pose is designed to stimulate the liver and kidneys. These are the organs that are tasked with cleaning your blood, including the purging alcohol. Follow this link for instructions.
  • Wheatgrass: available in both liquid, and powder form, wheatgrass is recommended by many as an effective hangover cure. If you don’t like the taste, (it is acquired), you can mix it into one of your favourite smoothie recipes.

Broadgate Clinic London WallClinicians and party-poopers

Sorry to have to rain on your parade, but the fact of the matter is that there are no scientifically proven hangover cures. Standard pain relief medicines, (ibuprofen, paracetamol etc.) can be used to help relieve headache pain, and oral rehydration powders or lozenges, can help to counter the dehydration effect of alcohol. Apart from that we here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall are sorry to say that you’re going to have to “tough it out”; but be warned – you’re more than likely to be uttering that well worn phrase, “Never again”, a few more times as you enjoy the rich tapestry