If you are given a medical diagnosis by your GP that you find difficulty in accepting, you might like to think about getting a second opinion. As one of the top private walkin GP clinic in London city, we here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall are often asked to carry out another diagnosis to confirm or refute an original one. Our private, walkin, health screening services, which are available without having to make a prior appointment, are very popular with people who live and/or work here in the city.

Chat with your GP first

If you have already had a diagnosis from your family doctor that you are having problems accepting, the first thing you should do is to chat it over with doctor who gave you the diagnosis. Sometimes a diagnosis can be incorrect for one reason or another. The medical professional who issued the diagnosis may not be aware of certain personal circumstances or conditions, so it is always worth chatting it over. Your discussion may remove any doubts, or indeed result in a new diagnosis. Either way you will have dealt with the problem.

However, if you do not wish to pursue this course of action, you can ask for a second medical opinion, either from a different doctor in the same practice, or you can attend a totally new clinic, like Broadgate Clinic London Wall.

Broadgate Clinic London Wall operates a walkin health check service

If you go to a different clinic that works by appointment, you may have to wait several days before you are given an appointment for a second medical opinion. Many NHS practices are working under pressure at the moment, and depending on where you live and/or work here in the UK, you could have to wait for 2/3 weeks or longer. That’s the beauty of our walkin health screening services here at Broadgate; no prior appointment is necessary.

There is nothing wrong with seeking a second opinion

The one thing you should not worry about are the rights and wrongs of asking for a second medical opinion. There are no wrongs. Any doctor will ordinarily be quite happy for you to obtain another diagnosis and prognosis, although they will probably want to chat through the situation first. As we mentioned earlier; there is nothing wrong with that; it may allay your fears and you may decide not to seek another opinion.

If you do decide to proceed, your doctor will be understanding and may even be able to recommend another doctor, if you wish. You may of course decide to go-ahead without consulting the doctor who gave you the original diagnosis. That is your prerogative.

Feeling “fobbed-off?”

Some people feel that they have been “fobbed-off” by their GPs, who, they believe, are not treating their symptoms seriously. The one thing you can guarantee if you come to Broadgate Clinic London Wall for one of our GP consultations is that you will be taken seriously. Not only that, but you will be treated with respect and discretion, and your visit will be in the strictest confidence. It’s why so many people today prefer to use private health screening services; that, plus the top, professional care that you will receive, and the fact that you won’t have to wait ages for an appointment.

The walkin services that Broadgate Clinic London Wall provide here in the heart of London are available 8:00AM to 6:30PM – Monday to Thursday, and 8:00AM to 5:30PM on Fridays.