Sports Medicals

If you are going to be participating in an upcoming sporting event you may require a medical. You could be wondering where to get London sports medicals. If so, please read on.

The growing need for London sports medicals

In this day and age, more and more event’s organisers are insisting on some sort of pre-event participation screening or medical certificates. The popularity of events like urban marathons continues to expand. An ever increasing number of people are putting themselves at risk.

Many organisers are now assuming a duty of care to competitors. Because of this they are now trying to ensure that competitors are fit enough to compete.

Of course it’s not just marathons. Other events that are becoming more competitor health aware include events like boxing tournaments and triathlons.

Checking fitness levels and spotting underlying problems

While organisations and event organisers are becoming more aware, so are competitors and sporting/keep fit enthusiasts too. That’s why London sports medicals are not just about ensuring a certain level of fitness to qualify for something.

They are also about looking for any underlying health concerns. Sporting events could easily exacerbate an existing condition. It could even be a condition that the person themselves may not even be aware of.

London sports medicals certification

Some people are in search of undergoing London sports medicals for their own satisfaction. Others people may need them because a certificate is needed to register for a specific event. Sometimes it is employers who need them. In some cases employees may be either hired to participate in sports or expected to take part in corporate sporting events.

Whatever the reason, you can undergo London sports medicals here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall.

Specific pre-participation screening

Pre participation screening as it is now being increasingly called, should be specific if it is to be of best use. Specific medical fitness requirements vary from one sport or activity to another. That’s why we offer individually tailored London sports medicals.

The physical requirements of things like rugby-football, athletics track and field events, and horse jumping are all very different.

Then there is the physical condition and capability of the sportsperson themselves. Some may have physical disabilities – some may have conditions such as asthma or diabetes.

That is why the London sports medicals we carry out here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall are designed around the individual.

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