Blood Tests

Many people seek London blood tests because they feel frequently fatigued and don’t know why. If you are one of these people a simple blood test could isolate the cause. Your next step should be to find out where to get blood tests in London in the most convenient way.

Convenient London blood tests

Convenience can be big problem when it comes to London blood tests. You can of course go to your GP surgery or any NHS hospital. However with the NHS being hugely over-stressed as it is right now, you are likely to have problems making an appointment and could face long waiting times.

A private clinic however-one like us here at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall will be your best option, particularly as we offer a walk-in service.

London blood tests and how they can be used

London blood tests are carried out to help doctors to identify particular conditions and illnesses. They can also be used for analysing organ function and determining how specific medications and treatments are working. Generally they can be used for:

  • Determining your overall general health condition
  • Analysing the functionality of particular organs, like the heart, kidneys, liver and thyroid
  • Diagnosing a condition or disease, such as cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes and HIV/AIDS
  • Analysing the risk factors of heart disease
  • Checking out genetic conditions
  • Checking for an infection
  • Determining that medications are doing their job

Private London blood tests like these are one of the most basic diagnostic tools and there are thousands of different blood tests available, which can be used to aid, diagnose or rule-out various conditions, illnesses and infections.

How London blood tests are carried out at Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall

London blood tests are normally carried out by taking a small sample of blood from inside the elbow or wrist. It is usual for a tourniquet to be applied to the upper arm before the needle pierces the skin. The tourniquet is a tight band that is used to reduce the blood flow causing the veins to swell. This makes it easier to locate a vein.

You might feel a small prick or scratch when the needle is inserted. If you have a phobia with needles, discuss this with the doctor conducting the test beforehand. He/she will do their best to put you at ease.

Broadgate GP Clinic London Wall is the perfect place for London blood tests. The walk-in screening service we provide means you can call in when it is most convenient to do so.

We are a fully functional GP clinic, so if your test reveals any health issues, you can discuss them with one of our doctors and be treated in one visit. You can also collect any prescriptions at our in-house pharmacy before you leave the clinic.