Genital warts are caused by the HPV virus (human papillomavirus). Fast, effective treatment is available at Broadgate GP’s walk in STD clinic London Wall.
Much of the publicity and information about the HPV virus focuses on women because it is a prime cause of cervical cancer. But this same virus also causes genital warts in both men and women; an STD that is now endemic here in the UK.
Statistics on genital warts for 2013
According to the government’s medical statistics on the incidence of STD infections here in the UK, in the year 2013, 40,796 men were diagnosed with genital warts, and 32,613 women. In men, the medical name of this infection is Condyloma, or Penile/Venereal Warts.

How to indentify genital warts

In appearance, genital warts look like skin coloured growths. In men they appear on the penis, and on or around the scrotum. They can also form around the anus. The warts are small, soft and moist, and most commonly appear in groups of 3 or 4. They can however sometimes appear singly, or in larger clusters. When left untreated, they will eventually grow into small, flesh-coloured, cauliflower-like lumps.

The cause and spread of genital wart infections

The HPV virus has over 100 different strains, but in the main it is just 2 types of strain (HPV 6 and HPV 11) that cause most genital wart infections. Infections are highly contagious and are easily passed on by direct skin to skin contact with any affected area of skin. Genital warts usually begin to appear anywhere up to 3 months after initial exposure. Once they appear, they grow for a period of up to about 6 months.

In most instances genital warts do not cause pain or undue discomfort. In rare cases however, they are known to cause irritation, and if scratched or pulled off (they can grow to significant size), they will bleed for a long time.

Some types of genital warts can actually appear on the hands and feet, although these are not as contagious as the ones that appear around the genital or anus.

There are one or two types of genital warts that are more dangerous, as they can lead to specific types of cancer. Anyone who develops genital warts should either go and see their family doctor, or attend a GUM clinic. Anyone who lives and/or works in London has the option of using Broadgate GPs walk in STD clinic London Wall, where no prior appointment is necessary.

The places that male genital warts most frequently appear

Male genital warts can appear in several specific areas of the body; some more often than others.

  • In 1 out of 3 instances they appear around the anus
  • In 1 out of 10 instances they appear on the head of the penis
  • In 1 out of 10 instances they appear inside the urethra
  • In 1 out of 12 instances they appear under the foreskin
  • In 1 out of 30 instances they appear between the anus and scrotum
  • In 1 out of 100 instances they appear on the scrotum

All types of genital warts treated at Broadgate GPs walk in STD clinic London Wall

Generally speaking, small genital warts are easier to treat than large, which means that early diagnosis is important. Similarly, warts that grow on moist areas of skin respond quicker to treatment. Most infections are treated with specific genital wart creams and lotions which are applied topically. These are available over the pharmacy counter at Broadgate Clinic London Wall.

More persistent types of genital warts may require other treatment options such as cryosurgery or laser treatment.

Whatever the types of warts you are infected with, if you live and/or work in London you can take advantage of the walk in sexual health screening services that we offer here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall.

The walk in STD clinic London that offers discrete, confidential sexual health care

Getting an early diagnosis is important not only for your own sexual health, but for that of your sexual partner(s) too, bearing in mind that genital warts are highly contagious.

People (and men in particular) are often slow to come forward and are somewhat embarrassed when it comes to matters of sexual health. However, if you attend Broadgate GPswalk in STD clinic LondonWall, you will find all of our doctors to be not only high professional, but kind, understanding, and considerate; and most important of all, you will be diagnosed in complete confidence and treated with the utmost discretion.