Throughout life our bodies are in a constant state of flux. From the huge growth phase in our first seven years of life to the numerous health challenges of ageing, we are always experiencing our bodies in a new way.

Your GP is the one person who can explain oddities, reassure you about health concerns and point you in the direction of the right help for any problems you face. Here are four reasons why it is a good thing to pay regular visits to your GP.

Regular Check Ups Can Prevent Serious Illness

From cervical cancer, to breast cancer, diabetes and glaucoma, it is important to be screened for certain diseases. Regular health checks for a wide range of conditions are remarkably beneficial in the prevention of conditions it is possible to avoid. Constantly educating yourself about health issues by visiting your GP is important so you can take any necessary preventative measures.

Your GP is Not Just Your Doctor

Some people think of their GP as their therapist or priest. If you are experiencing domestic abuse, struggling with a drug addiction or simply want to give up smoking your GP can refer you on to a health professional or organisation to help support you.

The law states that anything you tell your GP, unless you state an intention to harm yourself or others, is told in confidence, so you can trust that if you speak to your GP about a sensitive matter no one else will find out. This guarantee of privacy means you can tell your doctor anything that is concerning you. They will only have your health interests at heart.

GPs Are Concerned With Both Your Physical and Mental Health

Many people think of doctors as healing physical ailments but forget that they are just as concerned with mental health. In the last decade mental illness has become less of a taboo and people are more aware of their mental health, from severe conditions such as paranoid schizophrenia to milder concerns such as panic attacks or depression. Everyone has varying degrees of mental health and by making regular visits to your GP you can be helped by their diagnosis of any difficulties you are facing. The prescription may be something as simple as more exercise and talking a walk to help relieve stress. 

You may have a problem as trivial as ‘my husband and I have a dwindling sex life’. This does not seem to be a health problem, yet it could be traced back to the menopause, psycho sexual therapy might be recommended or relationship counselling. Whatever your worry is, your GP can offer a useful insight. 

All Aspects of Your Life Relate to Health

If you are travelling on holiday or for work it is essential you be conscious of the health risks involved in travel to that country. In many exotic countries there are a variety of diseases from dengue fever to malaria that you should take precautions to protect yourself against. A regular health check up will ensure your GP is familiar with your plans and routines and allow them to make better diagnoses and better support your health.