Discussing Sexual Health

Intercourse is a part of life, until you’ve experienced it for the first time most people feel like it’s a dark cloud that hangs over their heads. The first time will usually only be quick and you’ll soon forget what all the worry was about.

Although the first time might seem like a big deal, it’s something every person has to go through. Knowing what happens during intercourse can make that first time a little bit easier and more enjoyable.

What Is Intercourse?

To put it into technical terms, intercourse is used to describe traditional penile-vaginal penetration. However, the term now broadly covers vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse and oral intercourse. Intercourse can be between a man and woman, a man and man or a woman and a woman.

Does It Hurt?

The short is no. Having intercourse for the first time should never be painful and when you’re having it regularly it should never hurt. The only type of pain that some people associate with first time intercourse is usually tied to the term breaking the hymen (popping the cherry).

However, this is an inaccurate as most women’s hymens are already stretched or torn before intercourse. Many people use the term pain to displace awkwardness and inexperience. The chance of you feeling any actual pleasure from first time intercourse is limited as due to this.

Preparing for Intercourse

Whilst you can never really prepare for intercourse and having to prepare might take the romance away from sex, it is important to know what’s involved. Most of the UK is freaked out when it comes to talking about sex.

Preparing for intercourse may seem impossible and it’s not about instructing what to do during intercourse it’s more about educating people about their sexual health before intercourse. Having the right education about intercourse and sexual well being, can help to ensure both you and your partner are protected against the risk of sexually transmitted infections or falling pregnant.

Discussing intercourse and health implications with a doctor before your first time, can help to ensure you have all the knowledge needed before your first time.

Contraception and Protection

How Do You Do ‘It’?

Although you might be informed about what happens during sex, you probably didn’t get instructions about how to insert slot A into slot B. There’s no real way to describe what happens or what to do doing sex, this will come with experience and trialling new things. As long as you manage to get through your first time the next time will be must more enjoyable. We’re genetically programmed to know how to have intercourse and just like anything you’ll get better with practice. Advice about intercourse about and healthy sex lives can be obtained from a sexual health clinic.

First Time Intercourse Without Second Thoughts

Your first experience wont usually be one to treasure but it will be something you’ll never forget. Sexual regret is something that many of us live with or experience at some point in our life. Worrying about pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections can reduce the pleasure of intercourse and just cause unnecessary stress and worry.

Planning ahead with good sexual health advice such as condoms and contraception, will help to pass off that worry, meaning you have nothing to regret about your first time. Being sober during intercourse allows you to be in full control of your body and also means you can easily read your partners body signals as well.

Sex Beyond Intercourse

Although sexual intercourse is great thing that should be enjoyed there’s always the risk of contracting an unexpected infection. After a sexual encounter, should you happen to feel any displeasure or unusual symptoms then it’s advisable to see a doctor or medical professional to have a sexual health check carried out. They might then send you for a STI test or STD test as it’s sometimes known.

When it comes to first time intercourse there’s nothing to be worried about. As long as you’re prepared for what’s involved and make sure you fully understand about sexual contraception and protection, you’ll be able to enjoy your first time.