Here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall we always remind our staff to be prepared. You should be too. If you’re planning a holiday, whether it’s here at home in the UK or travelling abroad, it’s always a good idea to take a traveller’s First Aid kit to take with you. You never know when you might need one, especially if you’re going to be travelling in a party with young people. Most people never give it a single moments thought; until it’s too late that is of course.

It’s not just travelling however when first aid kits might come in handy. Did you know for example that a recent survey carried out reveals that up to 80% of people at home are inadequately prepared for even the most minor of medical emergencies?

Anyone who lives, works, or is just visiting London, and who suffers a minor medical emergency or develops a medical condition, can call in to Broadgate private walk in GP clinic London Wall here in the heart of the city. We are only a 2-minute walk from Moorgate Tube station, and 3-minutes from Bank Tube station. For those who are planning on travelling further afield however, here are a few suggestions from us here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall as to what you should put in your traveller’s emergency First Aid kit.

The traveller’s emergency First Aid kit according to Broadgate Clinic London Wall

For minor injuries and incidents, Broadgate Clinic London Wall recommend includingthe following in your traveller’s emergency First Aid kit:

  • Adhesive tape
  • Antiseptic (such as TCP for example)
  • Bandages
  • Dressings (non-stick)
  • Fabric plasters
  • Gauze
  • Selection of safety pins
  • Pair of scissors
  • Tick removal tool
  • Pair of tweezers

These items will enable you to treat most minor cuts and grazes, and incidents such as unwelcome ticks.

Other things you should consider including in your traveller’s emergency First Aid kit includes things like:

  • Pain relief treatment – Paracetamol or Ibuprofen for example
  • An Antihistamine – to remedy itching and inflammation caused by insect bites or allergies
  • Sea-sickness pills if you’re going to be travelling on water
  • ·Anti-diarrhoea medication
  • ·Rehydration sachets

Wherever it is you are planning on travelling abroad, you can check here on the travel clinic page of our website for complete information about any travel vaccines you may need, and you can also get country and area specific advice about the dangers of malaria.

An emergency kit of sterilised medical instruments and sutures

If you will be travelling in areas where sanitised medical instruments may not be readily available (particularly in developing countries) it is also advisable to buy a kit containing sterilised and sealed syringes, sutures and needles. You can buy these from the in-house pharmacy here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall or at most good pharmacies in and around the city.

Sun protection

Although sun tan lotion or sun-block is not exactly an emergency item, it can prevent unpleasant sub-burn from over-exposure. However, sun burn lotion can prove an emergency relief treatment if you or your children are in the sun for too long and suffer the consequences. Make sure you take both with you if you’re going to sunnier climes

Condom care – be prepared

It can’t be called a medical emergency, but if you find yourself somewhere where there are no condoms on sale, it could spoil your holiday. As the Boy-Scout motto says – be prepared – take a supply with you.  

Travel advice and travel vaccines – advice from Broadgate Clinic London Wall

Whatever it is you need to know about health care, heath precautions, and travel vaccines on a country by country basis, you can find all of the necessary information on our website, or failing that, why not drop in for a consultation at our walk in travel clinic here at Broadgate Clinic London Wall in the heart of the city? Make sure your traveller’s First Aid kit is fully fit for purpose.