You will definitely experience the high and the lows that come when working in an office environment. From the Monday morning blues to the anxiety of Friday drawing ever closer, your working week can be slow or fly out fast.

Working in an office can cause you the stress or contribute to happiness, as your moods change from good to terrible in a blink of an eye. So many things, with so many factors that can actually add happiness into your working life, can cause the day in day out stresses.

It is crucial for a business owner to realize the different things that can cause an impact on the staffs’ morale, the way the employees function in the office and the positive outcome of your business.

With that said, we thought you would like to look at the few things that can have a positive or a negative impact to an office-based business along with improvement suggestions.

  1. Color of the walls

The theme color of your office walls can have an impact on how your office performs. Dark colors can create negative feelings, while light or bright colors can create positive emotions that can cause a more effective working environment. It is not an easy task to get the right balance, so it is recommended that you do some research and find out the best colors that will suit your staff and office.

When it comes to painting commercial/ industrial offices, Promain Paint is one of the top choices. They can assist you in finding the best coating and suggest the best methods for application.

  1. Interior décor

Other decorative furnishings can affect the overall performance of an office. Using too much décor can cause distractions while using too little can bring out a boring environment that staff will not enjoy working in. As the person in charge of creating an environment that, people will enjoy working in or the business owner, you should ensure the interior décor used is capable of creating a positive impact in the office.

Signage and branding should be the main things when looking at the way your office is decorated. Even if you work in an office behind closed doors, your branding should be included all over your business. Having branded marketing materials, uniforms, office etc. will assist to make sure employees and businesses portray themselves in a professional manner. You can ask SignStar for the best recommendations.

Signage is another cool way to portray the message of your company’s values and your branding message throughout your office. Signage can cause both negative and positive impact to an office if it is not done the right way. To make your office look professional, A1deSIGNS can provide you with the suitable ideas.


  1. Furniture

Most probably, some of you have sat on a broken chair at a meeting or maybe even at work. It is a complete disaster especially when there is no other chair except that one. A broken chair can be a real problem, but it is not the only thing that can cause a positive or a negative impact on how your office performs.

When you are picking the furniture for your office, it is important to consider several things:

  • Size
  • Comfort
  • Cost
  • Flexibility
  • Cleanliness
  • Brand identity and Aesthetic Value

Considering all these will help you design an office that people will enjoy working in.

Fusion Office Design specialises in the refurbishment and design of office interiors; they offer a range of flexible furniture options that can assist you in building a successful environment.


  1. Flooring

The office flooring can play a huge role too. Dirty floorboards or worn out carpets can create negative emotion within the workplace, while fresh, clean flooring can bring out positive feelings among employees. If it has been long since you considered your office flooring, it might be the high time to pay attention to it.

Henderson’s Flooring is one of the best choices for commercial flooring, with a variety of wood flooring and carpets tiles options available for your office theme.

  1. Air conditioning

It can cause a huge problem when working in an office that is very hot or freezing cold. When working in an uncomfortable environment, the work rate can drop down quickly. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the temperature of your office on regular basis. During winter, you can use a decent central heating system and during the summertime, you can invest on two scatter or a fan around the office. However, the more the business grows you will need more than one or two fans to cool the office.

You can seek Air Force UK for professional advice on what type of air conditioning will be suitable for your office.

  1. Power

Power failure can be a stressful issue to deal with. However, you can invest in a power backup source in case you experience a power failure in your office.

You can contact Bellwood Rewinds for various commercial or industrial generators set.

  1. Communications

Communication is one of the things that can make your office fail. Even when the power is working, the phones or the internet could experience failure. Customers might end up not being able to reach your services and they will likely consider other companies.

Look for an IT company like Eclipse ICT so that they can make sure that everything is connected and networked properly. You can also seek ITS Telecom for cheaper broadband deals and many other communication solutions.

  1. Software

One of the important things in your office is the software that your company uses. Software and communications go hand-in-hand, so it is very crucial to choose the right software for your office to make sure that things in your office run smoothly.

If you need to update your office software, you can seek Dolphin Networks, Microsoft SharePoint, Business Intelligence, and Office 365.

  1. Security

AN office based business that is still on its knees or even bigger ones can mostly be affected by security. Most offices have secrets that they want to protect and others have valuable goods. In some cases, you will want to know if your employees are abiding by the rules. It is wise to invest on things like CCTV to make sure your office is safe from external and internal threats.

You need to contact QSec if you are interested in protecting your office premises.

  1. Printed media

The print is extremely important in whatever business that you are doing. From business cards, compliment slips and letterheads through brochures and leaflets. Your office document should be considered too so that branding and identity are visible in your office.

Wensum Print will provide you with all the office print solutions that will suit your office needs.

11.Heating and warmth

We’ve spoken about keeping your office cool for your employees, but it’s also important to make sure that come the winter months, they’re warm and comfortable. It’s important to make sure your premises central heating is working efficiently and effectively, to make sure your workplace is the right temperature for your staff.

Heat-Tec are central heating specialists and provide a range of commercial services when it comes to boilers.


  12. Illness

Sickness is one of the major issues that modern-day business faces. The flu is one of the biggest illnesses that can affect your office. As a business owner, you might want to consider providing flu vaccinations to your employees to keep them healthy and fit especially throughout the winter months.

Broadgate GP provides vaccinations for flu in London as their comprehensive GP services.