If you’re feeling run down and have forgotten what it feels like not to feel tired each day, then it’s likely that you’re suffering with exhaustion. Whether you find yourself yawning by 2pm or your favourite part of the day is going to bed, we have discovered 6 signs to indicate if you’re exhausted or just tired.

1. Your Mind Goes into Overdrive

Many people will suffer with exhaustion in their lifetime, but choosing not to deal with is will dictate how soon you get back to your usual self. If your mind goes into overdrive and winding down at night is almost impossible, then this could be down to exhaustion. When you get time to yourself or before bed, try to avoid staying on your phone for so long and try to relax by reading a book, trying meditation or drawing. If you practice relaxation and ways to calm your nerves and body, then your mind will follow and stop going into overdrive and worrying. It may not happen overnight but with practice and time you should be able to wind your body down and understand when ‘me time’ is about you and not over worrying.

2. Your Lips are Dry

One of the most common signs that you’re exhausted is that your lips are dry. If you find yourself constantly applying lip balm or lip gloss to protect and hydrate your lips, then this can be due to dehydration which leads to exhaustion. Having dry skin, cracked or dry lips and constant headaches are all a sign of being dehydrated, which in turn leads your body to being exhausted. One of the best ways to solve this is to drink plenty of water each day and moisturise. This will keep your body hydrated and deter the feeling of tiredness or exhaustion.

3. If Exercising or Workouts are a Struggle

Is going to the gym or working out a struggle? Maybe you’re just not doing it like you used to anymore, this could be down to exhaustion. Feeling exhausted doesn’t just mean you feel tired, it can also affect the way you feel socially and physically. If exercising or workouts are a struggle or you often put it off for another day, then exhaustion could be holding you back. Don’t panic if you feel as though you don’t want to workout, simply ease back into your normal routine and this will help energise your body and boost you into feeling more like yourself again. Why not start off with working out at home? Then work towards the gym and perhaps jogging again to get back to your previous physical health and well being.

4. You’re Stressed and Ignoring It

It’s not breaking news that feeling stressed can keep you up at night in worry or panic. But what’s worse is knowing you’re stressed and ignoring it. Choosing to ignore your stress and worries will not only make you feel tired, but it doesn’t solve the situation either therefore the stress will only continue. Try to resolve any worry or stress by speaking to friends and family as getting it out in the open often helps. If you feel as though your worries are more server, speak to a professional and try meditation to calm your nerves.

5. You’re Struggling to Sleep

It may just be once a week, but if you’re struggling to sleep or find yourself laying awake at night, then this can be another sign of being exhausted. Especially when you feel tired or run down, and the possibility of actually falling asleep is simply impossible, then the likelihood is that you’re exhausted and need to rest. Even one poor night sleep can affect you the next day, so don’t panic if you struggle to sleep every once in awhile, try to meditate or relax and unwind before hitting the pillow.

6. You’re Eating More Junk Food

Feeling exhausted can often leave you feeling down and sluggish, so in search of a pick me up you may find yourself eating more junk food than normal. With junk food containing lots of sugars, salts and carbohydrates etc. your body will be pumping through energy only to see you fall back down again. At this point, you’ll either feel more tired than before or look for more food to pick you back up again. Try to replace junk food with healthy snacks or fruit, then this way you will boost your system as well as enjoy some tasty food, and feel much better for it!

Professional Help with Broadgate General Practice

If you find yourself rundown or exhausted then Broadgate General Practice are here to take care of you. Our general practice offers same day appointments with the aim to make your feel more like yourself again very soon. Whether you believe that you’re suffering with one or more, or even all of these signs, Broadgate General Practice are confident that we can help. Call our practice today on 020 7638 4330 to find out more.