Enjoy your vacation and seek malaria advice

If you are heading off on a tropical holiday, make sure you are protected from malaria. This disease is widespread in many tropical and subtropical locations and it can prove to be fatal if you are not careful. A vaccination for malaria does not exist, but you can take anti-malaria tablets along with other careful precautions. Mosquitoes can spread malaria, so it is wise to avoid their bites by wearing an insect repellent and keeping your legs and arms covered after sunset.

You can also spray insect repellent in your hotel room as well as purchasing a special plug-in repellent. If your room or tent does not have a mosquito screen or net, then you can take your own along with you to keep them out of your accommodation.It may seem like a hassle to take these safe steps, but it will be worth it if you stop the insects from biting you and causing irritation for the rest of your holiday.

If you are concerned about mosquitoes and malaria, then you can seek expert advice before you go on holiday by booking an appointment at Broadgate General Practice’s travel clinic. Our experienced doctors can offer advice that is relevant to your destination and help you to stay protected while you are gone. We also have a walk-in clinic, same-day and immediate appointments available, so you can see a doctor as soon as possible, which is very handy if you need an appointment before you fly.

We will carry out a unique assessment that is based on your travel itinerary and can provide other travel vaccinations too. We will also supply you with any medical certificates that you need to avoid you encountering trouble at customs or passport control.

If you would like more information about how to avoid malaria and enjoy your vacation, call 020 7638 4330 or visit www.broadgategp.co.uk. Our clinic is just a short walk from Liverpool Street, Moorgate and Bank stations, so it is quick and easy to reach by tube.