Eczema (also known as Dermatitis) is a very common, very mild chronic inflammation of the skin. Not everyone will get eczema, and for some it can be a regular occurrence, others much more occasional. Either way, whilst eczema can be irritating it is only very mild and easily treatable in a number of ways. Here are some things you might need to know:-


The term ‘eczema’ actually refers to a much broader range of skin ailments including dryness of the skin and a variety of skin rashes. Standard symptoms of any type of eczema include:-

  • Redness of the skins
  • Skin swelling
  • Itching and dryness
  • Flaking skin
  • Cracking skin
  • Bleeding or oozing liquid

Although the skin may become irritated, repeated scratching of irritated areas could cause any healing skins to be torn off and could slow the overall healing process.


There are many different ways in which eczema can be treated. In the most common cases the easiest option and most effective option is applying a moisturizer or itch-relief cream to help ease the rash being caused. Simple creams such as ‘Sudacrem’ are particularly effective at dealing with standard cases. Any form of skin moisturizer is also extremely effective due to the fact that they replace any moisture in the skin where dryness has occurred, skin dryness is one of the main cuases of eczema Anti-Inflammatory creams such as Antihistamine are also just as good at treating itchy or rash-covered areas.

More severe cases in which a form of eczema is further embedded into the skin require something slightly stronger. Very weak steroids such as Corticosteroids are the most commonly used steroid used in this instance. However, despite the benefits they have they also have the potential for nasty side-effects such as skin damage and infection, so it is worth talking through this option with your GP to see if it is ideal.

Whilst it is a very common skin ailment as stated above, eczema requires the correct care like any other illness as, if left, can become a lot worse. Make sure that as soon as you see any potential symptoms, look at the best skin products and soothing creams to help make sure that any rashes or skin inflammation is dealt with.