Many people resolve to change their diet in January and this is often prompted by a desire to either shift the Christmas weight or lose those pounds that have been creeping on for years.

However, a new way of eating is not just about dropping a dress size, making positive changes to your diet can help you to become more healthy now and in the future too.

Eating right is good for your health

Think of your body as being a little bit like a car. If you put the right fuel into your car, it will run perfectly, but if you fill it with any old rubbish, you will be lucky if it got you to the end of the street without it developing a problem.

Your body is exactly the same – it runs better if you put good food in instead of rubbish.

By cutting out saturated fat and sugar, you are reducing the amount of cholesterol in your body as well as your fat intake. High cholesterol increases your chances of heart disease, so by cutting back on fatty foods now, you are reducing your chances of having heart trouble in later life.

Sugary foods can contribute to diabetes and weight gain and they can cause mood swings too, so by eating less sugary treats, your body and mind will both benefit.

Losing weight helps your health

Being overweight can also contribute to Type II diabetes as well as being a contributing factor in the onset of heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer If you adopt a healthier lifestyle now then it can lower your chances of developing diseases such as these as you get older.

Eating healthily isn’t as difficult as it sounds – try making quick and easy swaps, such as eating a piece of fruit instead of biscuits to keep you going in the middle of the afternoon.

Broadgate General Practice can offer you lots of useful and informative advice on how to make both small and large changes to your diet. We’ll make healthy eating interesting, so you have something to look forward to every mealtime. This means you will be much more likely to make your diet a permanent change you keep up for life.

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