The third Monday of January has been dubbed Blue Monday because it is believed to be the day of the year when workers feel the most depressed.

A combination of dark nights, the arrival of credit card bills and the festive season now being a distant memory all make it a very negative time of year for many people. Most workers will still be waiting for their first payday of the year too, so it is likely that they will be struggling with financial worries if they spent too much during December.

If you are feeling down on Blue Monday or at any time of the year, then there are steps that you can take to feel more positive.

Identify what is making you feel unhappy

Do you feel down but you aren’t even sure why? Stop and think about what you feel discontented with in your life: is it your job, where you live, or the status of your social life?

Writing down your thoughts and feelings can make them clearer, so writing lists about what has made you happy and unhappy each day can help you to understand your emotions.

If you manage to identify what you are dissatisfied with in your life, then start making plans to change it. Realising you are in control of your life, your future and your happiness can help you to feel much stronger and more positive.

Seek professional help and counselling

Sometimes it can be hard to work through your negative feelings on your own and you may feel like it is difficult to turn to your family and friends too. If you are feeling low, then talking to a professional can help.

Whether you are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or general malaise, a qualified counsellor can help you to deal with the issues you are having so you can find solutions and ways of coping more easily with your life.

Broadgate General Practice provides counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples and we offer a number of different approaches and therapies so we can find one that will be right for you.

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